Let's showcase Authors with quality content in Charity, Food and Vegan #28. Yehey's Witness Projects update and Witness earning reports.

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Let's begin our showcase today in Charity, @indayclara shares this wonderful project "The Awesome SMILE Project: Bringing Hope and Love to the Street Kids of Cebu, Philippines"

This is also featured at https://Yehey.com main page to promote this project outside of Steemit platform to get more exposures and lots of photos to check out. If you love to support this project, please check her post and UPVOTE. Let's give them one very special day to celebrate on June 2nd.

Our curation is not complete without Food. @starzy shares her recipe on how to cook "Dried Fish (Buwad) with tomatoes"

Interested to make your own? You're lucky because she also provided the ingredients, preparation and steps (procedure) to cook this dish. Got to check her post and start cooking: https://steemit.com/ulogs/@starzy/ulog-16-howto-i-will-cook-dried-fish-buwad-with-tomatoes

And if you're vegan, no problem @street.yoga with his new post shares "Papas Arrugadas with Mojo-Salsa: Smoked Canarian Wrinkly Potatoes"

Eating healthy, you've got to read his post and upvote to show your appreciation.

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and other stories I up voted for the last 12-24 hours. Apologies, if I missed some of the articles. Check them out.

Here's the archived of my up votes to minnows and authors with good content: https://steemdb.com/@yehey/votes?type=outgoing

And other stuff you might want to know ... I know it's boring but I need to provide an update of what's going behind the scene.

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@Yehey Witness Projects

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Thank you for your support and featuring the wonderful smile project and the vegan tag. I like that you give options so people can decide for themselves.


You're very welcome. Keep steeming my friend.

Thank you so much @yehey for supporting my project! I am excited for the event! It would be nice if you were here. 😄


You're welcome @Indayclara. Maybe next time, I will visit and see the blessing of your project.

Hola: desde Canarias. Me alegro ver nuestras “Papas arrugadas” Las “papas arrugadas” son patatas hervidas en mucha sal. Al final se secan en el recipiente y la sal queda adherida a la piel.
El mojo puede ser verde o rojo (picón).
Muchas gracias por la difusión de la cocina canaria.

Hello: from the Canary Islands. I'm glad to see our "Papas arrugadas " The "papas arrugadas" are potatoes boiled in a lot of salt. In the end, they dry in the container and the salt remains stuck to the skin.
The mojo can be green or red (mojo picón).
Thank you very much for the dissemination of Canarian cuisine.


You are vey welcome and thank YOU.

Nice post