Post a photo of your REAL food - STEEMIT CONTEST - Week 6

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A few of you mentioned that you miss the contest challenge.. so i'm back with it! I'm a sucker for a community challenge.

For the first five weeks of the contest I asked you a different question each week. I'm mixing it up a little more this time around, with a variety of formats.

If you haven't already done so, do read my post about real fruit and veg here because this weeks contest is about that.

This week i'm asking you to..

Post a photo of your real food

That is to say unfiltered, regular food that you eat. It doesn't need to be beautiful and actually that's the whole idea.
The idea is to try and bring real photographs of real food into the limelight a little this week in a bid to encourage people to think of real photos as normal.

I'll kick this off..

using the same photo from my post

Although I love nothing more than scrolling through Pintrest or Instagram drooling over picture perfect food, that doesn't stop me loving my knobbly, super sharp, apples which grow on our tree or my not so picture perfect avocado. It's still edible, tasty food and you'll be surprised how many people would not agree.

Post a photo in the comments below or write a post about it if you would like to! If you decide to write your own post, please the hashtag #yasminepcontest so I can find it easily and also post the link in the comments below!


Each week I will be posting a contest. The idea is to inspire you, by reading other people's posts, and to inspire others who read yours!


1. Upvote the post - this is still a very new contest and I don't know how it's going to go. But by upvoting we'll have more money to spread around.

2. Comment a direct answer to the contest in the comments section or make a post about it and then post the link in the comments section. Remember to use #yasminepcontest

3. Comment on one other person's comment, in the comment section, with either a thoughtful question or thoughtful reply. Please avoid answers such as 'nice' 'cool' etc. 

4. (Optional) - Resteem this post so it gets more attraction and I can have runners up in future! :-)

SIMPLE. The winner will receive 1 SBD for week 6.

I will distribute the money 7 days after this post. You have 7 days to take part!

Good luck and do help to share the contest so we can grow it and get some cash out there to you steemians!

Winner will get 1 SBD!
Once I gain more attraction from the post I will start to give out more SBD and also have runners up too!

Good luck!


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  ·  last year (edited)

Okay, I think it's very nice to be the first person to kick start the contest. Here, my dinner. This is an African (Nigeria) delicacy.


Love this! Thank you for sharing! What is inside? Would love to know more about what it is!

Thanks. That's Akara (beans cake) with milky 'gari'. It's very yummy ma'am. You should check it out.

I actually love this food in particular @dklef. But truth is, I haven't tried bean cakes with garri before but do bean cakes and Custard with enough milk which I must confess, taste amazingly great.
Your combination is also nutritious dear because akara, aka bean cakes are made out of beans which is a protein and garri which is carbohydrate, is made out of cassava. The combination is superb and hope to try it some [email protected]

You are right. Akara is widly eaten with custard or 'akamu' (pap). That's the regular combo. However this combination tastes just as superb. Do write me when you finally try it out.

I just followed, Celleine Augustine.

I'll surely write you @dklef. Followed you to. Thanks so much.

Wow! I will try and hunt for some for sure! Thanks for sharing this, it's great to get an insight into different cuisines :-)

Ooh, I bet those bean cakes are delicious!

Very delicious ma'am. Especially when eaten with 'Akamu' or custard. Our meals are very superb in taste.

I definitely need to look into more of your native cuisine. :)

Oh yeah. Do check out amala and ewedu for a start then. Lmao

This is a yummy delicacy and fast to prepare too!

I love challenges from you.
I have read the contest rules of your post, I enjoy it.
take a look at my post in our typical cake food category
click here
Nice to meet you sister :)

Part of the natural thing about fruit and veg in contrast to processed food is that you never know what you are going to get until you peel. or bite, or cut into it.

Totally true. Are you going to take part in the contest? Would be great! :-)

Yes I will if i bite into something interesting. Unfortunately I live in a place where I buy perfect fruit and veg from a large US supermarket.

Oh dear. I suppose you have to work with what you have. I get it!

Very true @anthrovegan! Even the most perfect-looking fruit sometimes tastes mealy and bland, while the dinged up or misshapen one has the sweetest flavor! I'm lucky enough to be enjoying fresh picking and going to the farmers market, but this time of year even all of that is quite beautiful as it is an abundant season. Not too much ugly stuff right now. ;)

I really enjoy the contents of your post,
Your work is great

Thank you! Are you going to take part in the contest? I think you should! :-)

Submitting my entry soon @yasminep. Thanks for the opportunity once again.

Fabulous! Can't wait to hear from you!! :-)

Brilliant! Thank you so much for entering!

I love it with much onions like crazy. Looking yummy friend, hope to eat that in the night.

Oooh what's this @yasminep..? Don't mind if I do, because who doesn't pictures of food - I'll get back to ya ;)

Yesssss! Please do, my girl! @joham and @ingaaa expecting something from you two too ;-)

I will 100% be getting involved in this. Look out for my entry, need to carefully select my items!

Looking out for it.... ;-)

This is beans made with Palm oil, crayfish, Maggi and salt with alot of onions. it's really yummy and I love mine with tomato sometimes. I hope you try it some day. it's is also know as beans pottage 😊😊.

Awesome!! Thanks so much for joining!!

Here's my post to enter:

Love this contest Yasmine! Definitely a great way to encourage people to not overlook food just because it isn't conventionally beautiful. :)

Just brilliant. Really great entry!

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Wonderful concept! You are so right...we never post those "natural" pictures of wonderful dishes which turn out to be "ugly" I'll have share, I have many lol

Okay... I shall post something natural for you too see

That avocado doesn't seem ok hahaha !!!
Good luck with the contest girl !! :D

You'll be surprised. You can cut away the bad bits. I think we are so used to seeing perfect food that we throw much of what is good away.

That's what I do indeed - even though I try (as much as I can) to consume them before they get bad. I'm very environment conscious, and participate to actions here in Copenhagen where you give away food you don't need in exchange to food you do :))) They have a whole campaign going on here in Denmark about food waste - and it works! :D

Denmark is definitely miles ahead of London for so many things. Sounds fabulous!

Ok, need to think about what to post, this is actually very challenging for me as it is my job as a food photographer to make my food look stunning and delicious! But will share something not so nice soon;)
Love this idea for a contest!

I understand that challenge. That's why I love to see food photographers take part. :-)

Yea this is great!

I am definitely curious to see what you share!

Hehe, I can imagine your excitement darling;) I am too because I don't know yet what it will be, lol!


LOVE this one! Thank you for joining!

This looks yummy and healthy too @thebrusca. What are the recipes you sprinkled on it?

Corn on the cob is my favourite @thebrusca! I usually just put butter and salt on...what have you done here?

This is a great contest. Here's my entry for it.


I'm not a foodie, so most times I like to eat light. Here's my breakfast this morning of noodles, omelette, and a cup of tea.

Twas delicious and very filling.

Noodles seem to be very popular among entries! Thank you for joining!!

I love noodles with eggs too @paigegirl. Looks really yummy.

That actually looks great. Simplicity at its best!

  ·  last year (edited)

Hello @yasminep, I found your post from @elstheardentblog, I like your idea, and I decided to join this contest too. I don't know whether my photo will look like an instagramably one😁
My father-in-law has a rambutan tree, it is too old to bear fruits, since I moved to his house with my husband, for two years I have never seen it fruits (my bad luck), but today my husband found only 4 of it and gave it to me (because he has ate it for years) here it is


Thank you and best regards from Indonesia

Looks delicious! Thank you for entering!

It is sweet and fresh 👌

Wow.. This looks alot nice. Can you please give a name a to it? What's this? I'd to know what part of the world this fruit is found.

It is Rambutan fruit, a tropical fruit native to Malay-Indonesia, its scientific name is nephelium lappachem. Rambutan mean Hairy fruit, here's the pic image

You can read about it on Wikipedia too, now Hawaii and Australia also grow this fruit, massively. The Vietnamese call it chom chom.

Great initiative yasminep !
I found your blog thanks to @plantstoplanks

Awesome! Happy to hear that! Will you be joining the contest?

Hi there everybody ! Hi @yasminep , I find this contest really great !! I wanna join it 😃
Here is the is my favorite dessert : homemade fried banana in coconut oil with some pure cocoa butter melted. All organic, nothing else : no milk, no sugar, no ...

Better than a 'classic' dessert and good for your health 😋 But, right, not the most beautiful Haha

Looks yummy. What's inside please?

Fried fresh banana in coconut oil and 100% pure cacao butter moleted 😋

Love how real this one is. What are the ingredients?

  ·  last year (edited)

Hi you 😃
Only the one I said : coconut oil, splice of fresh banana and molted 100% pure cacao butter 😋
No milk, no sugar , nothing else !

Absolutely awesome! Thanks for sharing

  ·  last year (edited)

Alright, you got me with this one.

This is one of my favourite things from the childhood days - spaghetti with butter and ketchup. Haha x


Hahaha KETCHUP and BUTTER? Bloody strange haha

Hahaha old skool mate ;-)

Take part in my new contest!!