Andrew Yang is a pro-crypto. Let's support this presidential candidate 2020!

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Universal Basic Income

The cryptocurrency community and the blockchain inherently endorse the concept of universal basic income. Now that has become the new found intensive debate in the political and social domain in the country like the US. The different sectors are going through a transtion phase due to automation, technology, AI; as a result, millions of jobs have been lost. Therefore the people need the least minimum allowance so that their freedom can be preserved and they will not be forced to act like a slave for the fulfillment of their basic needs. The presidential candidate of 2020 Andrew Yang proposes a paycheck of 1000 USD every month to everyone who is 18 years and above unconditionally regardless of the status.

The economy going forward is poised to adopt the principles which are fundamental to blockchain and the crypto community. Because that is the way forward and that is the genuine solution. Even the presidential candidate like Andrew Yang is a pro-crypto and his ideas and philosophy aligns with that. He has even said that the cryptocurrency should be given a proper framework under the hood of which people can buy, sell and trade their tokens with tax clarification and equally an opportunity for the people; it has the potential to solve the unemployment crisis to a greater extent.

If Yang will be elected as US president in 2020, he may even consider giving the 1000 USD UBI in Bitcoin! Who knows?

Crypto Asset Regulation

As a president, Yang is willing to define & assign the federal agencies to have regulatory power over the crypto market domain.

Seriously if it can really happen then it will be good not just for the US but for all countries all over the world, because other developing countries in Asia are facing the same issue and it can be a reference for the developing countries, should the US regulates the crypto market with clarity and allow people to buy, sell and trade with tax clarification, consumer protection, etc.

Andrew Yang can really eradicate the unknown fear from the cryptocurrency traders, should he wins the presidential election, 2020.

Yang says:-Investment in cryptocurrencies and digital assets has far outpaced our regulatory frameworks in the US. We should let investors, companies, and individuals know what the landscape and treatment will be moving forward to support innovation and development. The blockchain has vast potential.

I am happy to notice that Yang is really a pro-crypto. There are many people who are pro-crypto including big businessman, celebrities, but when a presidential candidate of 2020 is clarifying his stand and saying that he is pro-crypto and he sees vast potential in blockchain and cryptocurrency, then he can really take this decentralization forward and to a level which can become a reference and benchmark for other countries as most of the countries are in a dilemma whether to accept it or not.

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I must mention here that President Trump does not like Bitcoin, but the presidential candidate of 2020 does like Bitcoin and Blockchain.

Most of the countries including China are doing patchwork to address the crypto market and clear and specific legislation is missing and that is why there is no framework, all are patchwork only. Yang has clarity on what he wants to do to the crypto market in US. Yang is of the opinion that the federal government must have clear guidelines on crypto market.


Electoral voting with the use of Blockchain technology

Out of the so many things Yang listed in his policy, the best one in my opinion is that Yang wants the modernization of voting and he stated the use of blockchain technology for casting of votes whether it is local, state or federal election. That way the electoral system will become more productive, cost-effective and with larger participation. I must compliment Yang for this.

Less the number of participation in voting, means somewhat centralized and more participation in voting, means a greater degree of decentralization and also a right candidate can be chosen.

In the conventional voting process, either paper ballot or EVM is used. We all know both have the history of being manipulated even in recent times, the elections are always manipulated across the world using money power, muscle power and it all has been continuing in almost all countries. This is the dark side of democracy. Democracy is being practiced in an undemocratic way.

If the voting will be casted using a smartphone with proper verification in place and using blockchain technology, then the participation rate in voting will be better (maybe more than 95%). It will also save a lot of election budget. It will save the time of people. Because most of the people don’t like to stand in a queue for some reason or the other. In many crypto fora, blockchain technology has been debated and whether it can be used in elections or not has also been debated. The immutable ledger of blockchain technology can better serve the electoral process and can really save democracy.

The blockchain technology will definitely make the current electoral voting processes scalable with a better participation rate.

Yang proposes for blockchain-based electoral voting, the blockchain community & the future generation will always acknowledge Yang. Whether Yang wins this election or not, I don’t know(I always wish he wins the election) but I know a day will come, the election will become fair and that will only happen through Blockchain technology.

If Yang really wins this election, then the support and adoption for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology will dramatically increase. The optimism will reach an all-time high and a new benchmark will be set.


Democracy Dollars

Yang wants to eliminate the influence of millionaires who are the few mega-donors in the election and those wealthy people certainly control the candidate and this is against democratic and decentralized principles. So Yang wants to introduce democracy dollars which are publicly funded vouchers.

Yang says:- The big problem right now with running for office is that you have to get the money on your side and the people on your side, and these are two different things. Imagine if every American had $100 Dollars to give to their favorite candidate—then if you get 10,000 people behind you, you’d get $1 million. You could then act in the best interests of the people you represent instead of sucking up to rich people and companies. Calling rich people for money is soul-crushing. We’d all be better off if politicians just needed to worry about representing the people that elected them rather than hustling for money all of the time.

The funding system in the election must be readdressed according to yang and that is essential to restore the true democratic processes and with his proposal of publicly funded democracy dollars the elected candidate will not become a slave of the wealthy people and can truly represent the people who have elected that candidate. In essence, the way forward is decentralization.

Just like in Blockchain governance we have many times debated the stake centralization, decentralized governance, in a similar way Yang is proposing a formulation for electoral funding in the presidential election and voicing for a free and fair election.

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Andrew Yang for his views different than the conventional is being repressed in social media. But in 2019, we have Steem blockchain to voice your decentralized thought. I request Yang to use Steem blockchain and we all will feel privileged to have him here. The right to express is a fundamental right and this can be catered with a decentralized platform like Steem blockchain.

I wish Andrew Yang all the best for the presidential election 2020. From the last two months, the support for Andrew Yang has been growing, even though there is a slim chance, my soulful appeal to the citizens of the US to vote for him. If he wins, he can set the new benchmark for the blockchain, cryptocurrency in terms of framework policy, adoption rate, etc and most importantly the democratic processes and decentralization will be preserved through better policy.

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