August day

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Daniel was a boy full of illusions, very creative and dreamy... But he was born without light in his eyes, his family and friends tried by all means to make Daniel's life as happy and comfortable as possible.
Daniel went out to the beach every afternoon, because he was very close to his house, all the inhabitants knew him and greeted him, Daniel enjoyed going to the beach because he liked to feel the breeze on his body, the smell of the sea and hear the sound wave.
Sometimes he dipped his feet in the water but only on the shore to feel the water, but one day in August everything changed...
While he was on the shore of the beach he felt that the sand under his feet became very soft and that he was sinking, he could not get out of that hole.
Daniel shouted desperately for help, but no one was close.
He felt like the sand swallowed him, being inside the sand he felt like many fingers doing massages all over his body, they were like tickling or caressing.
Suddenly he stopped feeling his fingers and felt his body get wet, he was in the water, first he felt drowning but he calmed down and began to float.
Suddenly he felt ropes, like metal hoses or fingers that praise him and felt he could breathe, opened his mouth and eyes.
It was there where the miracle happened... When he opened his eyes he could see figures and colors, everything was blurry, but the light had come.


The images seen were unknown to him, but seeing was the best, he did not understand what had happened, but whatever he lived that August day changed his life forever.

This story is original and was inspired thanks to the digital art of @xpilar here his work

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