A drink called universe.

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Daniel was walking a certain winter day, carefree about the city, although the city was full of noise and uproar he was in total peace.
He had given up the enslaving and absorbing work that had his life in stress, had left a toxic relationship with a controlling and jealous woman.
He had called his mother, a beautiful woman who had given his whole life to give him the best education and fill him with love, who "to make his life" moved away from her and her home.
Daniel felt full and happy, he knew his exchange life, walking carefree became night and entered a new disco called galaxy, dancing and drinking he felt happy, celebrating the new stage of life.
The drinks had strange names and colors, he decided to try a drink called universe, he joked that it would be like taking the universe with his own hands.
Drinking that drink made him feel transported to a parallel universe, he entered a trance so crazy that he felt fly, float, travel to the universe as in a unique and abstract spaceship.

The effect of the drink happened and Daniel decided to get out of there, definitely that nightclub was very strange for his taste, it was best not to invent it again, but he felt happy to try that drink, it was a unique experience, it was like traveling to the universe Without leaving orbit.

This story is original and was inspired thanks to the digital art of @xpilar here his work

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