Why doesn't ANYONE watch & upvote Music Video's on #DTube or #Steemit

I just recently, on David Bowie first anniversary of his passing to be exact, posted on @DTube thirty five plus minutes of some of David's music video's from different decades ALL in Dolby sound and only two people have seen it and zero upvotes?
#wtfisgoingon here?
Do people just want to upvote cooking video's or people introducing themselves? BFD!
We're talking DAVID BOWIE and there's zero interest!
@Steemians have to realize that legends should be remembered and from what I can see NO ONE does.
I'm beginning to lose patience with this platform as it isn't what I thought I was going to be, and that was an alternative to YT, well if there aren't going to be people who appreciate music video's here I shall just continue with my YT channel and leave this platform just dead in the water for curator here on Steemit get zero benefit for their time and effort editing, uploading etc.
If this sounds like a bit of a rant that's because it is and at this point in time it seems appropriate for me to do so and maybe get some people attention and views on my uploaded videos!
Here's the video on #DTube if you want to watch a #genius at work, enjoy.

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When I just went to watch it, it told me that it couldn't play it. I had a video I uploaded do that a few days ago. D.tube is still kind of twitchy like that! Maybe it is the length too. The server seems to have trouble with some of the longer videos. They are a lot further behind even than the Steemit website, so it will probably be a while before things are fine tuned! Keep trucking, I'm sure things will improve!


cheers @bethwheatcraft for letting me know, that could be a reason why no none has watched. I've watched it on DTube so it's there so maybe as you say , that they've got a problem with long video's! I hope they work it out soon as there are too many great video's which could be on DTube but aren't yet because of capacity or whatever technicalities. Thank's for the #mindfulness b ;))