The Oldest Form of Education : Stories and Story telling

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The art of story telling can be said to be the oldest form of education, transmission of different accounts of events, know hows, have been passed from generation to generation through either verbal or written stories. a story can inspire you, a story can stimulate your imagination and bring hope again and again. stories reminds us about who we are, where we are from.

We have heard of stories of the great roman empire , the great Mansa Musa, shakespare , Leonardo Da Vinci and the likes, that have ultimately formed bases of research and arguments over centuries. More recently the stories of Jack Ma (Ali Baba) and  Laszlo Hanyecz that used 10,000 Btc to purchase a pizza are reference points to major landmarks in eCommerce and blockchain advancement.

I am a story teller , i live and breathe stories. just like every other person i am covered in a network of different stories, a variety of stories that connects us with people and places. stories influence my day to day life and development through interactions and contact. 

Storytelling is one of the most important traditions humans possess, it carries with it a lesson to be learned, of hope of joy of happiness of wickedness of anger.

We all have stories before steemit and  we also have a steemit story.

perhaps one day your steemit story could be used as bases for extensive research and fact finding

what is your steemit story?.

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this post was inspired by @ogochukwu & @gbenga

p.s @ogochukwu shares stories of notable steemians in his blog series Humans Of steemit.


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My steemit stories are: Torn apart, Potion, Ava's diary, Who will save me? I have a craving for BLOOD

Hello @epikcoin

Stories are powerful and we have been given a power to tell our own stories.

We are the only ones who can determine what our biographies will look like and it is up to us to plot our stories and chose the characters in it, our friends, the people we listen to, our husbands/wives.

Thanks for the mention, I appreciate.


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