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President Trump has been making headlines the last few days by offering one pardon after another. They have been both, as politically baffling, as they have been reality show baffling.

From a profiling racist Joe Arpaio to the insider trading home-maker, Martha Stewart; his execution of his pardoning power has been confusing, and somewhat ominous. Confusing that he would waste his time in such a way when there is so much work to be done, but ominous in that, it could be seen as a signal to all those being indicted that if they keep their mouths shut, they’ll get their due “get out of jail free” card.

But then he went and claimed he can pardon himself. In fact, he said he had the, “absolute power” to do so. And look, you and I both know he didn’t listen to Uncle Ben who told Peter, that “with absolute power, comes absolute responsibility.” So, he can’t be trusted.

But whatever side you fall on in the Trump-love/hate spectrum, there exists another question: What does the very existence of the “pardon” DO to the foundation of the justice system itself?

Set up as one of the foundational “checks and balances” put in place to make sure each branch of our government worked well and without un-checked power, the pardon is in place to make sure that even if a law is created that is unjust AND the judges back it up, the President can take a stand and override the sentence. Seems like a good system, and most presidents use it as a final act, to right a wrong, or help a friend. But in ACTUAL PRACTICE, there is no required justification or burden of reason. The president can actually just pardon anyone they choose so long as they remain in office. Truly unchecked.

And sure, that is mainly irrelevant for the VAST majority of crimes and court cases, but if the leader of our country is pardoning people that have been convicted by a jury of their peers, and / or confessed to heinous crimes, then what does that do to the integrity of the system on a whole?

Can you trust it?

Do you trust it?

How do you feel about all this pardoning nonsense and do you believe him when he says he can even pardon himself?

You tell me!


He has to do whatever he has to do to end the phony Russia hoax..

I guess nobody wants to chime in so I will. I can understand some pardons if it is shown justice was not served or if it was handed out with impunity and without equal treatment. His latest pardons
do not meet those standards, in my opinion. Only one met those standards, and frankly I am shocked he pardoned Jack Johnson after so many passed despite the urging of historians.
Can the system be trusted? Nope, not currently with those in control using it as a personal system of tribute. Other presidents have made similar pardons so the system has been broken for a very long time. I do not trust it.
Can he pardon himself? It is unclear. It is up to the House, Senate, DOJ, and courts to act if he tries it. I have absolutely no faith what so ever they will try to stop him. None. I lost all faith in our government - a strong statement from a historian and american studies scholar. I remind myself that every fifty years or so America elects a madman drunk with power, but we bounce back. This time I am not so sure. Just my opinion, for what it is worth.

He would have to commit a crime before pardoning himself wouldn't he?

You and I... Are the fucking minorities. America has become so numb and stupid no one cares what this asshole is doing. Its sad. The media also needs to be held accountable. Were more worried about Roseanne using the 1st, then the death toll in Puerto Rico... Its sick that humanity has gotten to this level.

He has exhausted me to the point that I can no longer read the news. I am a news junkie but most days I can't handle it. Historians are in for a living hell documenting this presidency.
Same goes for all the pop culture scandals. I am worn out from the overload.
The only thing I can say is history does not repeat but we can look for commonality to see what is likely to happen. That does not bode well for us because I see a great fall coming.

We the People are fucking doomed unless we have a revolution, military coup or the fucking aliens show up. This last news cycle has been exhausting along with explaining to my people what the fuck is going on. Dont give up... Keep the fight alive!!

I'm hoping for the aliens at this point!

Trump pardoned a victim of the drug war today.

What does the very existence of the “pardon” DO to the foundation of the justice system itself?

Ensures that it is just. The idea in our system is to let a thousand guilty men go instead of to convict one innocent man, the theory being that the criminal will do it again and then we can bust them then. Part of that is giving the president the power of pardon. If he pardons someone who ought not to have been pardoned then we will get them next time.

So tell me why you oppose his pardon for Jack Johnson if you do.

And of course the president can pardon himself, it does not say anywhere in the constitution that he can't right?
And what does it matter, has Trump committed a crime?

Honestly... Not enough Americans take the time to research there Constitution. We The People are out of touch on how it works. Were in a fucking crisis right now and the media is making a shit ton off it. This administration since day one has acted in a dictatorship fashion. The lies coming out are so bold its fucking laughable. I didnt vote this last election cycle because I watched a level of corruptness, no one has ever seen, taint our democracy. At this point I dont even know what country I am living in anymore. Im disgusted and have lost all faith in our system (not that I had any in it before this fucking circus!).

Have you been watching the MSM as if it was real?

Its not ok and none of this is normal. MSM loves a good Jerry Springer episode... Of politics. This country is fucked if we continue down this path.

Which path do you think American Democracy is headed?

I hope America never becomes a democracy, that would be a nightmare.

Alienation. Losing Allies. Pissing off the wrong people with a tweet. Skys the limit with this administration... I mean regime.

Right, they told us his bellicose rhetoric in regards to Korea would certainly cause WW3, and now we are going to have the first meeting of an American president and the leader of N. Korea since when?
Why do you call this administration a "regime", what are you trying to say with that?
We haven't lost any allies, our relationship with a lot of our so called allies consisted of the American taxpayer paying for their security and getting what in return?
Trump is balancing out some of these inequities. Of course they get upset and cry, the free ride is over. Why should America be taken advantage of?

I agree about the amount of resources into the military to protect our Allies. We need to focus that money at home. No more wars and I do see this administration not pursuing that... Just flexing there cocks to much. The Ego in general is toxic, it creates a power trip that makes insecurities obvious.
The world bank and IMF have stated these tariffs are going to cause a serious ripple effect towards the next collapse... 8 years give or take and everyones back in 2008 or 1930s.
Regime is exactly the mentality I see with this group. I also saw it with Bush and Cheny and Clinton and Gore. The system as a whole is completly fucked!
Its time for a new party.

Trumps cock flexing has led to the most progress towards peace in Korea in 50 years. Obama made platitudes towards peace and won an award and then droned the shit out of a dozen countries without much publicity at all.
So let me get this right, The world bank and IMF oppose this and that suggests that it is a bad thing?
Aren't progressives usually protesting the shit out of both of those organizations?
These tariffs are just part of making better deals, Trump is just showing he is willing to do what he says so we can have more balanced trade deals than we have now, many of those are one sided like our defense of other nations.

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Thank you @trufflepig for sharing this article. I think this article is a good representative voice of honest reaction.

I really want to disagree with some opinions of this article, but I don't want to cause friction or create rivals.

May I just post this information I researched for others to see, since it is relevant to this topic?

You can search by president all the offenses forgiven by pardon. It shows the number of pardons given by each president, and the laws that were broken by those pardoned.

Anyway, thank you for describing your perspectives.

My impression is he is pardoning people who received sentences that were longer than normally received for a crime.