Overpopulation: A Paradox of Aid

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There are too many damn people on this freaking planet. It’s frankly ridiculous. It’s not only one of the biggest, and most direct causes of most of the world community’s problems, but it’s also the most difficult to tackle.

Look at it this way: If people need clothes, you give them clothes. If there’s not enough food, you grow more food. If you haven’t seen INFINITY WARS, join the rest of the world, buy a ticket, and go fucking see it.

But this problem is just more complex.

Once a life is started, you can’t end it. The Jews believe this. The Christians believe this, and even the Atheists do as well. Murder, generally, is just not cool.

In lower life-forms (and I type that cautiously, because I definitely love my dog more than TONS of humans) we can see the patterns of a de-stabilized eco-system and the effects that an overgrown species can have on it’s surroundings and the animals that live around it. We can observe it, analyze it, and make a plan to help correct it. That’s what the endangered species list is for, and it’s why we try not to introduce radical changes to established eco-systems. Like you wouldn’t put a wolf in a hen house, and you wouldn’t accidentally leave a cheetah on an island populated entirely with short legged pigs.

While those examples are ridiculous, if you look at the way nature handles this exact thing, you can quickly see that it has a good track record of taking care of itself. If there’s too many rabbits eating all the grass… the population of foxes will rise and consume more of them, helping to regulate the amount. Evolution, survival of the fittest, and supply and demand can handle problems like this inside the food chain.

But outside of it is a different issue.

We as humans have left the food chain. You can describe us at the top, but really that’s not true. When we developed medical treatments and the ability to grow our own food we became an entirely different thing on this planet, and the old built in safeguards stopped working. If there becomes too many of us and we eat all the grass… then we eat something else. If we pave over a wetland that holds the only pineapple we can ever have again… who cares? We can make cocktails out of rum and mango instead.

The real bitch of it is, that eventually, that plan stops working. We reproduce, don’t die when we’re sick, and help those that are starving. It’s a real shitty situation. On the one hand, if there are too many humans, then you could say, “OK, let the sick, old and feeble die.” That would help a ton, right? But if that doest’ work, then you can say, “OK, now if you can’t get access to food, then you die too right?” Right.

Feels shitty though, right? To let people die of starvation or treatable diseases? I mean is that a solution?

Plenty of places have tried population control at the birth level (and we’ll talk about that more later), but what are the ethics of supply side control? If a portion of the population refuses to stop reproducing within the means of their community, then is it ethical to refuse aid?

I don’t have an answer on this, and truly, I don’t even know if I know my own opinion. It’s easy to sit here and type some dumb ass thoughts down and “intellectualize” an issue like this, but I haven’t lived in true poverty. I haven’t had to fight wars over access to water, and medicine. I haven’t had to steal to survive.

So tell me what you think? How do you feel about this, and where am I the asshole?

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Thanks to the free trade and capitalism the annual global poverty rates are decreasing. If the governments had stopped their market meddling, taxation, duties and irrational subsidies we would see an even faster decrease.
The overpopulation is a myth. Have a 20-50 km ride from even the densest metropoly and it's really not that crowded.

Very interesting points. I have to concede your perspective on the suburbs outside of major metropolises. From Beijing to Kansas city, there are great field that separate the cities, and farms that over produce food.

You're not an asshole at all. In fact when i saw infinity wars, i did not think that thanos was wrong. I was discussing his intention with my friends and it is a situation human beings will face very soon.

Thanks to automation, millions of jobs have been wiped out and 50% of the existing workforce will be jobless in a few years. Not everyone can be customer support either. Medical advancement is not stopping. The strain on resources is increasing.

What will happen most likely is that future generations will face more competition to earn, they will stop having kids as it will be unaffordable and desperate times will lead to increase in suicide rates. Medicines will be out of reach for many. Diseases will evolve to kill a part of the human race and hopefully no one will have to take the decision thanos did.

The world is overpopulated even now. No one wants to talk about it because we can still survive.

Well, we just have to hope that the robots we're so anxious to make, will take pity on us, and provide us with the food we need....

You know, instead of wiping us off the planet.

yes @writesbackwards population in our world increase day by day, but in some countries deficiency of food increase due to over population.
Thanks @writebackwards for this great discussion.

You wrote the real scenario of life.Thanks @writesbackwards.

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This is what is happening in India right now , tons of people . There are lakhs of companies in India and hell lot of rich people but still the per capita income is low and hence struggling with overall development of the country. When the population is that huge , the standard of living decreases.

I wish we could have a paradise on this planet where one can go to for treatment of any kind including poverty ... That would be nice...

I agree with most of the sentiments here;
1- overpopulation is really a regional and relative issue.
2- inadequate food DISTRIBUTION is a bigger factor in starvation deaths.
3- when aid gets sent and it is stolen, say by a warlord in the region, not only does it not help the people aimed, often those resources are used to cause more harm.

There is far too much to elaborate on; each element having plenty of issues that could be debated before arriving at a workable solution.

It is more difficult to control a massive population than a small number of people. The only reason anyone might give for population reduction is political control, fear of loosing power. Our technology is intentionally stifled, if we unleashed all science we currently have we could bring back extinct species of animals, grow food to feed every person on earth, supply every house with power and cure every disease for free! But instead a few assholes need to keep their control, money and reputation, so we cant do any of those things.