TRYBE – Starting With The Boom

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No always the best projects are starting in the proper way and for Trybe was the same.

During the night time I have received several EOS alerts that for the transactions received… that actually were 10 because we had an airdrop 10x the amount of tokens we were supposed to receive. Thank’s God I was sleeping and I didn’t realised about what was happening but when I wake up and as usual I checked my phone… I have seen all the transactions happened.

The first thing I did I went to check what happened in the main chat on Telegram as I didn’t know how the heck it could have happened and I was afraid of this (that clearly was a bug) could have caused.

I was very surprised to see that actually Tom and the Devs in general were very prompt fixing the issue and limiting the damages that this could have caused; for instance if someone receive several thousands of tokens, what I am quite sure will do…. will be selling to any price creating undervalue for the TRYBE token.

If you are interested in understanding what actual the bug was I suggest you to reach this out reading this post

Everyone was expecting that the price was dropping down and I was hoping that too to buy cheap and increase further my token amount LOL.

Now that the AIRdrop and AIRgrab happened we need to focus on other matters such us the promptness of the website that in some occasion in slightly annoying but I know already Tom is working on it so lets give him time to fix it. One other issue disclosed is the continuous log off from that is happening to me and other users. I have never had problem so far but now seems to be continuous.

The other thing I would suggest, and it is not my suggestion but @miti one, instead of creating 24h between a rate and the other… would be better if we agree a countdown for rating posts that could be for instance midnight at Greenwich time or Australian time… whatever is more convenient as this will allow users to read posts at different hours instead of having to wait 24h from the last rate that for sure is not easy to remember when this happened etc.

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