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Writers often complain that they can’t find any good ideas for story writing. By being open and aware, they can find creative story starters and unusual fiction writing ideas. Once writers begin using these story writing tips, they find so many ideas they can’t keep up with them all. Then it becomes necessary to keep a file.


Keep a File of Writing Prompts from News Reports

This idea has been mentioned many times, and the reason is because it works. Read the newspaper with an eye for unusual or interesting articles. In a recent week, these articles appeared:

  • A respected man robbed three banks.
  • Sea turtle eggs were moved to safer shores.
  • A Druid celebration occurred Stonehenge.
  • Thrill seeking teenagers jumped off moving cars on a bridge into a river.
  • These articles could all be turned into stories. Why would a respected community member turn to bank robbery? What if something unusual happened at Stonehenge this year? How would a teenage driver deal with his buddy slipping and falling into oncoming traffic?

    Keep these articles in a file or box, or bookmarked in a file on the computer. Whenever a writer looks through the files, he or she should always ask, the question, “What if?” It opens up endless possibilities.

    Brainstorm Ideas for Writing a Book or Story

    Pictures can be a source for story ideas. Brainstorm what might be happening in the five pictures accompanying this article. Writing a short 1,000 or 2,000 word story or novel beginning with a hook will get the creative juices flowing and help determine if it’s an idea to be developed further.

    Another idea is to start with one word and create an idea web. Circle the word in the center of a paper. Then make lines extending out from the circle, and add related ideas. One example is the word baseball. It could lead to baseball cards, stolen cards, magic cards, searching for one rare card. It could also lead to being the last batter up in a game with the bases loaded. How about a baseball player with a disability, such as a prosthetic leg? Brainstorming opens up new possibilities.

    Use Creative Writing Starters Online

    Typing in the phrase creative writing starters in a search engine results in thousands of sites offering story ideas. Some are one liners, and some are situations. When using these creative writing prompts, the writer still needs to do some brainstorming and ask the “What if?” question to fully develop them. Here are ten plot ideas for novels and short stories.

    Use a Six Card Method for Creative Writing Story Ideas

    Here’s a variation of an idea that was presented in a writing course. Take a pack of index cards.

  • Write a different setting on at least ten cards and place them in one pile.
  • Write a different character on another ten cards and place them in another pile.
  • Write ten different careers on another ten cards and place in a third pile.
  • Think of ten life changing problems and write them on cards and place in their own pile.
  • Now pull one setting card, two character cards, one each for the protagonist and antagonist, two career cards, and one problem card. Use those cards for a story starter. If it doesn’t seem like it will work, go back to the pile and pull six more cards.

    Keep the cards handy and add to them whenever an interesting setting, career, character, or problem arises. These cards alone can generate hundreds of ideas.

    Try New Things to Find Story Writing Ideas

    Some people say that writers are most successful after they have lived. The experience gives them more to write about. So try new things. Go scuba diving, parasailing, or just take a hike in a new area. Go to a writer's retreat or conference or learn a new hobby. Embracing new things opens up possibilities for story ideas.

    Watching and observing people is a no cost way to come up with creative writing ideas. Sit in a shopping mall and watch people go by as they shop. Make up stories about the people, the more unusual the better. Ask “What if?” and see if any of the stories might lead to something new to write about.

    Once a new story has formed the writer might want to use a vision board to help visualize the plot, characters, and setting. Fast drafting or using the Snowflake method are two ways to grow the story and get it written quickly and well.

    These are only a few fiction writing tips to come up with creative story ideas. After putting them into practice, a writer should never have to deal with a lack of ideas again.

    Picture source: Pixabay


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