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I found a nice little site that I like to explore and find inspiration about writing and being an author. They have a daily writing prompt segment to their blog and I've decided to try and do as many daily writing prompts as I can. They list 365 and my hope is to actually get them done over the next year.

This is mostly to help me work on creating ideas on the fly as well as meeting deadlines. It's also fun to do it on Steemit, so here goes.

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The weather outside here in Las Vegas NV is like it is most days: sunny and warm. Luckily we've moved on from the horrendous days of 117 degree heat, but the evil senor solana still years it's ugly head about 3 PM every day.

I have to admit that the fall is my favorite time of the year. Summer fun gets old after a while, making me yearn for lazy indian summer sunsets and not being hot all the time. Las Vegas has some of the best, and most drawn out fall indian summers I've ever seen.

It still leaves room for the best parts of warm weather; swimming, riding and being outdoors. the pool still gets my visit every day if I can help it. Most times, it's just a trip into the hot tub. For some reason, 85 degrees now feels cold if you can believe that.

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I'm looking forward to this winter for some reason. Being in Las Vegas means we don't have to endure life-threatening cold anymore. It's a different kind of Christmas in the desert though, not any better or worse, just a different time.

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Wow! such a great and detailed content.
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I am sure your fall and winter is a welcome break from the intense heat.