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RE: What we say if we meet aliens is not up to us

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Sadly for the human race, our current state of affairs has caused such limitations on speech that the ability to speak freely and forthrightly is largely left only to private venues, or to rogues, criminals, and nefarious actors. Steem is an exception, and clearly time limited, as Feb. 2020's events reveal.

However, one infamous example of free speech has been left the interwebz, although not an exception to identification with rogues and nefarious actors. 4chan has been notably a venue for discovery of startling facts, so much that intelligence agencies have necessarily maintained presence there in order to find out what's happening. The CIA has been revealed to be central to the 'brony' phenomenon, which makes some sense when you consider the general revulsion most normal people have to that culture, which is effective at excluding infiltrators and exculpation of intel.

This has prompted extraterrestrial contact to be initiated on that platform, with lamentable results.


A sad day for humanity, yet perhaps not a complete wash, as current initiatives to establish a moon base may reveal the generous offer of space for relocation on our satellite has been accepted and utilized.



Dang I missed that one. Thanks for being here, it has been duly saved in my "ayy lmao" folder.

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