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The Sun never says to the Earth - “You owe me”, that is how it lights up the whole world.

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I am sharing this story with you, so that you might as well, look at things differently. If you sense a slight understanding of a deeper meaning, this is what is believed to be Spirituality.

After many hours, waiting patiently at the lobby of this nursing home, 92 years old lady smiled sweetly, when she was told her room was now ready. As she walked towards the elevator, her nurse provided a description of a tiny, cozy room they were heading to, including little details about colors, furniture and lights.

“I love it!” - said a lady with enthusiasm of an 8 years old kid.

“…but Mrs Johns...You haven't even seen the room yet, just wait.”

“That has nothing to do with it...happiness is something you decide on ahead of time…weather I like my room or not, does not depend on how the furniture is arranged, it’s how I arrange my mind”... After a pause she added whispering...

“ When you change the way you look at things, things you look at - change.”

Little did this nurse knew, an old lady was legally blind.

To understand this little story at the age you are now, just look beyond the scenes.

  • Find clarity

By all means, If you don't know what your heart is really long to birth, how can you achieve it? Find confidence in yourself and your dreams, your life passion, relationships, yourself. Finding clarity is when you suddenly know, this is where I come from and this is who I am. Come closer to God.

  • Stop judging

Spiritual journey is a journey to yourself. There is so much judgment around us that it reduces happiness of people around the world, it causes stress, damages self-worth, creates depression and negativity, so why are we doing this? Practice joy.

  • Admiration

If you can give yourself admiration, you stop needing it from others. Admiration is like a little prayer from the heart, one way or another it, your eyes begin to shine. The moment you realize that growth of spiritual potential is an expansion of light and love you spread, you no longer want to return to darkness and ego.

  • Honesty

Energy never lies. Be honest to yourself and other people. You are the most beautiful, when you are vulnerable, just like you were at your first 9 months of life. Come with no masks to impress others, no lies to cover up your ego, there is no need to. People will love you the most for who you truly are, not for what you have or your achievements, your status or wealth. Walk through life with honor and grace of being sincere, just like you'd be kissing the Earth with every step you take.

  • Responsibility

The more responsibility you take in life, the stronger you grow on your path. If you complain about difficulties, their numbers will only increase. You are the only one responsible for your life, acknowledge it with gratitude. You make your own choices. Facing challenges with responsibility and no resistance, you experience the purest form of freedom.

  • Let go of the past

Every day, you wake up to a new sunrise.I know, letting go is difficult, nevertheless you can’t hold on to anything forever, as nothing really belongs to you, It comes and goes. All you have at the end, is memories. In fact, right in this moment, you already made another memory that became your past, do you love the way you lived it?

  • Acceptance

Acceptance has two sides. First side - is to accept present moment as it is. If you don't like it - change your perceptions. Second side - is to accept people as they are. Realize that this is the best they can offer at given moment. Nobody has power over you unless you give it to them. Forgive them.

  • The inconsistency of life

Life does not come with remote to control it, having guarantees or promising stability. Wisdom of Mother Nature is timeless, intelligence of the Universe is beyond the mind of humanity. We plan so far for the future, that we forget, how unstable life is. Just observe, appreciate life as it is. We often think that death is so far away that it may never happen. Well, we are immortal until we're not.

  • Trust

Don't force it, trust it. Temperature of the sun can grow a flower, heal a body or burn the whole country. The whole Universe is a living creature. Only difference between you and the Universe, is that Universe doesn't have problems. It speaks through energy, gives with vibrations, and takes accordingly. Pure consciousness of the Universal Unity - is to understand that you are a part of God. Remember that you matter!

  • Love is who you are

You don't need to make efforts to love others. Love is who you are. Realize that love is not an act you are doing, or a moral obligation you must fulfill. At any given moment, anywhere you are, you can let go of everything that doesn't serve your highest best, knowing that inside of you, there is a place of love, purity and peace - it is your soul's home. When you feel this stillness within, you are connecting with your spiritual potential. Unconditional love is the highest frequency humanity can ever reach. Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. If God always gives us a hand to stand up, then why don't we become this God to others? Why don't we see souls in others, instead of bodies, see beauty instead of benefits, why don't we remind others who they are? So here and now, I want to remind you, that you are the Purity of God’s creation, and so is everyone else. Having a life full of love and abundance is your damn birth right!


They say wisdom comes with cost. Self - awareness comes with detachment. You mature when you have no attachments to people or things, they only end up controlling you. Break free and treasure your own magnificence. Surrender - is beyond any boundaries or limitations.

The only thing in the Universe we truly can not divide - is Silence, those tiny gaps between our thoughts. Stay in the gap, stay in tune with God. See yourself from the end. Is this how you want to live you life, at the end of it?

Overall, purpose is - there is no purpose, but if today someones life was propounded by your existence - you did one step closer to the infinite intelligence, and everything else is just some Rumors on Soprano.


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Love has the tendency to make this world a beautiful place. Should we all love unconditionally, we will forgive easily and give more. Thanks such a wonderful and heart touching story.


Thank you so much for reading! It always touches my heart when people truly like my writings <3



Actually we can not share anything. All of us have a lot to learn about this sharing. We learned a lot from your post.


I truly hope It helps you throughout life. We don't have to die to meet God, we just have to stay tuned=)

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Nice post, I gain some wisdom reading this.

The only thing in the Universe we truly can not divide - is Silence, those tiny gaps between our thoughts. Stay in the gap, stay in tune with God.

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