The Consciousness of Time Part 1

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TIME is the sequence of event captured by clock...
TIME is what is measured in seconds, minutes, hours, days etc. (Oxford Advance Learners Dictionary)...

From the first definition, (time) is the sequence of event captured by clock. Sequence in the definition simply means a set of event, actions etc which have a particular order and leads to a particular result.

This implies that, your set of events, actions etc in a particular order (time) will definitely yield a particular result, either positively or negatively.

Often at times, we think we have all the time in the world to make the decisions in our head, to set that goal, to make things right, to apologize to that friend we've wronged, to start up something, even to give our life to Christ, name it...


But the answer is this;

We thoroughly do not have TIME.

"PROCRASTINATION is the grave in which opportunities are buried (unknown)." Half of our life decisions/actions are full of procrastination, self discouragement and excuses, most of which; I still have time(mostly used), Who is going to patronize it, read it or listen to me, there's no capital, am too busy for that and the rest of them.

The question is; have you tried?

If I should consider the second to the last excuse, "there's no capital." There are many businesses to engage in order to generate capital. Depending on how large the capital could be.

Who will patronize it?

I was talking to a set of student about Art. The beauty, creativity and the income one can derive from it. One of them asked;

Sir, even if you know how to draw or paint, or carry out any art work. Who will patronize it?
I smiled, then replied " if the person who produced this book had this similar thought, would you have seen such creativity, let alone to patronize it"?

She said no, the rest were dumbfounded because I believe they had similar questions.

I stumbled into one of my cousin's art work one day, very beautiful and creative. I called him, "Hey! When are you going to start selling this stuffs as wallpaper to generate pocket money for yourself?

He said, "Bro, there's still time," amazingly he left my presence.

The fact is that am actually guilty of the plague (procrastination). But I asked myself TO WHAT END?

Many at times, we let what people say or think about us affect our positive decisions, bringing down our self-esteem and sometimes throw us off balance.

The reality of life is that if we don't make decisions and set a goal, people are going to make/set them for us.
Believe it or not...

Stay tune for more. Until next time I still remain

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