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There has a lot of people who used to stay with their personal computer or laptop all the time. Specially the freelancer people who had to stay with the screen for hours to complete their task. Yeah these works are really good but sometimes we forgot maintain proper time table and stay out of our natural life style. Sometimes we forgot that we had a life outside this screen and that things are really bad which had a sad impact in our life and our health too. After all we work for such long for our better life but it cannot be without take proper care of ourselves nor taking care of our health, right? So, today I will tell you guys some important helping guides for such conditions.

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Some priceless tips for onscreen professionals people. Save yourself for a long time or if you are late yet still you should try this for your own good. If you choose it then it will help you, or else you will regret if something bad happens to you in later life. Your health is your concern. Today's writing for those who are drowning into work in the entire day and night. These factors are taken from my own life.

Tips that help you to lead better life

Do not forget to laugh

It's not just work all day. Learn to live out of the screen in real life. Smile for sometimes. See how beautifulhis t life is.

Take proper rest

Even a robot can also work without a rest throughout the day. We should therefore improve our own position from the robot of people living our lives. We are better this and we really know when and how to gather energy with proper rest.

Ride your bike whenever you like to

Occasionally get out from the room with the bike and ride it for sometimes as much you love to. If you do not own a bike, borrow from your friend. Run on the road by cycling a different road. Go and drink a cup of tea away from the city.

Eat some season fruits

Find out what seasonal fruits are coming in the market now. First of all you try to eat seasonal fruits. Seasonal fruits are the most prominent of all diseases this season. It can never be missed and you cannot miss this chance by any way.

Be into shopping groceries

You should not be shopping at the big department stores to save time. Go to groceries shop and buy fresh vegetables. Have fun with that time. Let the clay soil be covered. Be industrious. After bathing again become tidy after the beautiful buds.

Stay with your hobby like reading books

Buy a new story books or a book of poetry. Read on page 1/2 daily. Or pick up the favorite guitar. Sing some with your open words. Lose yourself into the favorite song.

Walk for sometimes

Run 1 mile every day. Keep staying your favorite poems or listening songs in the walk time. Walking around sometimes touch the nature around you. Feel that you are the part of this nature by yourself own.

Light exercise

Light Yoga every day. Take 15-20 times with it but not that much. Do not go to heavy gym. Make Yoga light for the stomach. There are some yoga's that are easily digested after eating and increase strength in the body. Buy the Yoga book of any suitable Method and start the light yoga itself.

Confront yourself

You should bring yourself up a little bit each day. Pray your Prayer which would make the mind calm. The invitation for new work ideas and prospects will be opened.

Proper sleep

Do not get into your work that much that your sleep time has passed. Sleep will prepare you for more work on the new day. After all, stop all the work and drink a glass of cold cold water and get asleep with peace.


I hope these few steps will be helpful for you guys to control your time table in your working position and let you have a better and healthy life. Thanks to Obaidul Haque to remind me some important factors to rewind my situation at work. Best wishes for you guys. Thanks



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Thanks for the taking the time to inform us Steemians about taking care of our health while putting in the long hours. Thank you for your time and concern. Have a great day ahead.

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