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In our daily life we are gather to different life incident where some of them give us experience and some of them give us hope and some give us the things to tell story to others. There always something in there where I could find things important from every life incident as I always find things interesting there and there has a lot to learn from those factor. It does not matter that it was in your favor or not, it always give you some experience for your later life. Today i will talk about some of my regular life experience fact..

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For a few days, life is inevitable. The wind is so humid that we are going to sweat a little. Tough situation to face in every days of life but yet it feels nothing sometimes when we really think about life, others life, our life and those struggle of life...

No man is stay in good situation, neither happy. Looking at the people, I could find it. I can hear it, how much sorrow in the heart, how many storms, how much wailing to get. I know how many calamities they suffer, some of them suffer hardship, somebody's trouble, somebody's son's or daughter's issues, somebody's wrong person enters in life, the world has broken up, job assault, waste of livelihood, hypocrisy of near humanity
So, I never blame the man. I do not mind him. I have seen how many times I have seen this man crying in his face. When someone looks at me, I see how many monsoons are stored in his eyes.

A king's had a sudden wish that there has to an art of his own picture. All the painters of the state were brought to the news. It is said that he will be rewarded who can art the most beautiful and perfect picture. But if the picture is not nice to see, then the death penalty immediately. Nobody agreed to paint the king's picture. Because the king did not have one leg and one eye, and it seemed horrible to see! A young boy stood in front of the silent crowd. He wants to draw the picture of the king. The drawing was over. The king was very happy and rewarded him. Everyone is very surprised. How it is possible! It was found that the boy art the king picture where the king is hunting a deer by closing one eye with folding a leg in the tree trunk. The picture does not mean that the king is blind and lame.
This is the difference between vision and expression. A lot depends on how you look at a particular topic.

Maulana Bhasani said on education that,

One of the main objectives of Islamic education is to create beautiful or cultured people. In every word of life, in a manner of conduct, use, education, practice, one who turns away from corrupt practices and prejudice into a beautiful man."

There are quite a few new boys and girls in the #steemit blog/writing side. Many of them still did not have the opportunity to write something big and stay onto the hot page. I read them all. They write well. Commented with intelligence. I'm hopeful about them. They believe that they will take the their writing to a long way. I would like to have a chance to write on their sector though. If they break the rules of here or create unnecessary trouble, then the scope of writing on their top side will be taken away. I know they will not do anything like that but still saying so.
We get a good write up from them. They are not related to Facebook, Chat, TV etc., like other boys of this era, they are coming to the blog. We should welcome them, we should accept them. There is a genuine happiness inside writings, they want to find happiness. They should be given that opportunity very soon.


In our daily basis there has lots of story and incident which we face them in life and here some of our regular factors in here with saying something from Rajib nur bro, so thanks to him. Best wishes for you guys. Thanks



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