Development of Agriculture could develop a nation

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We all know that the most important thing in our life is food which let us live and which supply us the ultimate energy to live and go on. And we literally know that where that food comes from and who and what are responsible for this food.
Yeah the agricultural side is really responsible for our food supply which they are doing from the beginning. But how much importance we give them to? And how much development is really happening to our agricultural sector? We need to think more and make it more improved as it is our main source to stay focused and live in properly. So the Agricultural development is really necessary...

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Need food to live, and for food we need agriculture sector. There was no substitute for it, nor did it exist today. If you do not have food in the stomach, then knowledge and research will not be done properly , the development of art and science will not be possible.

All inventions are urged to save lives. And the food needed first for life. And the need for food production is agriculture. And agricultural land is needed for agriculture.

At present, due to urbanization and industrialization, the large scale agriculture land are decreasing day by day which are alarming as well. With the urbanization and industrialization, money is coming in the hands of the people, but it is not increasing the amount of cultivable land and cultivation. If you can not stand on your feet in agriculture, you can not keep the waist straight with urbanization and industrialization.

Out of any district/city town, far beyond agricultural land. Only CNG, diesel stations, factories, buildings etc. are visible in the eyes.

Although there is money in the pocket, but if food does not keep in there, then what is the value of money?

The question will arise, by collecting money from the outside country you will eat food, so where is the problem? In the case of food, the name of self-harm is dependent on external countries. It is dangerous to be dependent on other countries in relation to the main tool of life. There will be no way for any blockage in the tension of relations.

We saw what happened to Qatar's neighbors because of the Saudi blockade. Qatar had money, but it was not self-reliant on food. As a result, the country has to go through other countries. They have to do rationing about food.

So, to save agriculture, agricultural land should be identified and stored and protect. To protect the rights of the farmers and make agriculture a profitable career.

The situation of farmers in our country is also not good. They have no value. People are changing from farming day by day. They do not get bone-crunch rewards. Earlier, the farmers used to go to owner house. Now owner of the land himself goes to farmer house, but farmers are not available. Due to this, the confidence of the garment workers on agricultural work has decreased.

The developed world, Australia, America, Japan, Europe are much better in agriculture, and they are stronger too in this sector. Farmers are good, there is profit in agriculture. As a result, there is no shortage of food grains, no dependence on them.

The science and technology of the developed world will not be seen just, they will see their agriculture too.


Who does not know the value of our agriculture and it importance and this is why all i tried to say here about the agriculture side, hope you get it and thanks to Abu sayed yo get into this topic and motivated me on this sector to write and share mottos. Best wishes for you guys. Thanks



Agriculture is very important. Less developed nations could be used to test out the latest technology since not much change is needed there.

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