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I am scared of the dark. I’ve been scared of the dark since I was a little boy. Just couldn’t overcome it. I am just no strong enough I guess. I have to sleep with lights on, I avoid getting out in the night. Never had the will to fight it. It’s not like I go full panic mode the moment lights go off. It’s just a feeling of dread and creepiness that crawls all over me in the dark. I feels like it’s going to eat me alive and I won’t feel a thing. Imagine getting yourself fade away into nothing and not being able to even feel it happen. Just horrible. Well, sure, it sounds pretty dramatic and comical but it’s just how I feel. I have talked with some professionals, shrinks and whatnot. But they all prescribe the same cure: “FACE YOU FEARS.” If only it were that easy.

Now, I am not some kind of pussy or anything. No. I mean, I have done some pretty daring stuff in my life. I once jumped off an speeding bus, my friends dared me to. It was quite ballsy I think and stupid too. The point being I am not afraid to face anything consider it a character trait of mine. But this darkness gets me. Oh boy, it changes me. I have tried to fight it though. I once locked myself in my bedroom without any light bulbs. It was pitch dark and I was literally trembling with fear. I gave up after five minutes or so and it gave me nightmares for nights to come.


Hi, folks! I am working on a new story and this just a glimpse of it. Thought i would just share a piece and see how it goes. Will update the whole thing soon enough. Thanks for reading!


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