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***Hostility time here so if you can't take it or you don't like a lot of foul language just get the fuck outta here***

So I've been using Steemit for few months now, probably five but only in this last month I started to join some Discord groups, take part in some contests and just trying to engage with people...

Some here are pretty cool people, I love to interact with them but so many here are so fucking pretentious, seriously who the fuck do you think you are? If you were worth shit you wouldn't be here bitch...

Why am I pissed?

I got refused in a couple of Discord channels and I didn't win a writing contest (not even a mention) and my story was actually pretty good, better than at least a couple who got mentioned but getting refused by those two Discord channels is the thing that really pissed me off, the writing contest only annoyed me a little bit...

What do I think about those pretentious people?

Well, I wrote pretentious twice already and that should be enough but fuck that, I'm ranting here...You are a bunch of fucking losers wannabe writers or boring people just like my university professors and believe it or not I got a Master's degree in Literature and I was one of the best...you know you pretentious losers are the same kind of people who bashed Mark Twain's books over a hundred years ago and loved that boring ass Longfellow shit and Howell instead...you probably don't even know what I'm talking about because all you know is how to write a "proper" article...

Those greedy whales who do nothing to help used to be the people I hated the most here but you know what now I hate those arrogant bloggers/writers the most, seriously who the fuck do you think you are? You ain't shit. You ain't no Gertrude Stein, what makes you entitled to criticize other people's writings. It's because of whale's power and pretentious people like you that this place won't become big. You make this place so boring...Fuck you pretentious bitches.

Am I butthurt?

I admit it, I'm butthurt because I got refused by those two Discord channels but hey that doesn't change the fact that what I said today is true. And hey pretentious wannabe writers/bloggers, people ain't reading your long-winded shit. And for the record, I could write and blog the way you do but I choose not to because I want everybody to read my shit, including dumb Trump voters or Brexiters or whatever. I'm a man of the people...

I'm done and fuck you again losers

PS: for those of you who are going to think that I'm the loser let me tell you this, I got two kids, doing a good job raising them and I got my own business making good money bitch without nobody's help so kiss my ass...

UPVOTE if you are tired of pretentious people, fucking unfollow me if you made it here and you dislike me now, I don't give a fuck...

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This made me laugh. BTW, Gertrude Stein was no Gertrude Stein. Just saying.

Good, you owe me, lol...I know what you mean with Gertrude Stein, it's just the first name that popped up in my head...


That's the thing about these kind of rants. They make you go off-cuff. Then you end up name dropping people whose names you wish you couldn't spell. Happens to me all the time. lol

Lol...you know actually you probably are a member of the two Discord channels that refused me...anyway I'm glad you enjoyed my rant...I'm actually surprised that I got that many upvotes, lol...

A good rant can always pull support from somewhere. Yeah, I probably am a member of those two channels, but I won't ask you to name them. I won't even ask you why they rejected you. Maybe it's because you have profanity in your name. Which I think is funny. lol

Unless you joined all the discord channels it shouldn't be that hard to guess which ones. I don't even know why they refused me, but it has to be about how I write but anyway can you suggest some discord channels I could join?

I'm in over 20 of them. Almost 30. But they're not all content curation channels. Have you tried Tpot? ASAPers?

You are in too many, lol, you just forgot that ASAPers is the place where we "met" 😂😂😂 . I'll try Tpot, thank you.

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One of your best posts yet! Why aren't you posting on Medium?

Thank you, I'm so surprised quite a few people liked this post. I've heard of Medium but never really looked into it. Is it good?

If you want quality - not the crap passed off here as quality - Medium is the place. Yes, some of it is crap, but I always find several pieces worth reading each day.
BTW, I liked your short piece about your friend and you. You are a good writer and storyteller.

Thank you for saying that. So are you posting here and there too?

Honestly, I don't bother with Steemit very much - I usually throw together a one minute post and move on. I believe it is a 'dead man walking' social media platform but check in to see how the people I follow are doing.
I have not posted on Medium, yet. You should consider it. I would follow you on my daily feed.

Thank you bro. So where are you posting?

Facebook for regular, everyday casual posts which Steemit frowns upon with their "quality" standards, academic journals for my academic (yawn) work, and various online sites for paid creative writing/non-fiction contributions. I have not decided what to post on Medium when the time comes.

OK. Let me know when you start posting on Medium.

Calm down. You are going to burst a blood vessel if you carry on at this rate. lol


So make it your goal to create a group that meets your standards? People like rant post because someone else is saying what they feel. I don't have a literature degree, but most of the stuff I see winning writing or curation contests I think are crap. I've give leeway to non-English speakers, but when it hurts my brain to read. I just have to wonder.

I wish I had the time to do that...Yeah I agree with you bro. Anyway any discord channels you recommend?

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