Why These Two Leopard Maids Marriage with the same Male?

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An unusual sight recorded camera in South Africa. The scene is a male leopard marriage with two females. In fact, during this leopard known as solitary animals or loners. He is known not to share many things, be it territory, food, or spouse. "This is very unusual," says Luke Hunter, a researcher and head of the Panthera conservation organization who was not involved in the documentation, as quoted by National Geographic, Wednesday (27/06/2018). "I have seen two male leopards approaching the same female during the mating period, not the other way around," Hunter continued. However, the three leopards in Kruger National Park were unusual. A males mate with two females at once.

Brothers Unique again, the two females are brothers. This is confirmed by Richard Laburn, a tour guide there. "Because they are interconnected and know each other clearly, they tolerate sharing," Hunter said. "If the two females are territorial rivals, they will not come together," he added. Laburn noted over the previous few days the males have mated with younger females in addition to older females. Unlike the female lions that tend to be in the same mating period, each leopard has a different mating period. But these two sisters have the same marriage period.

The strange scene was filmed in late November 2017. This behavior is very likely to lead to pregnancy in older women. That's because older females enter the phase to raise their children, Laburn says. While younger females may be too young to get pregnant. That's because he was two and a half years old at the time. For information, leopards usually can not get pregnant before the age of four, Laburn said.

Forced to Marry "The weirdness does not stop there.Another nature-guides guide, Amy Attenborough uploaded a blog post that the same boy has killed a child from an older females to force the female to mate." (It may seem crazy that the female it will tolerate males who have done this to their offspring, but in truth, it is a typical behavior, "Attenborough writes." By killing the females, the males force the female back in the period of mating and regeneration. The female, in turn, admits she is the dominant male and all she needs is to marry again to reproduce, "he added.

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