Dikira Grease, US Women Idap Ovarium Cysts Seberat 22 Kilogram

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A woman in Alabama, USA experienced a series of mysterious health problems for months. Kayla Rahn, the woman, had an unexplained stomachache and could not lose weight. "I can not even walk to my car without getting out of breath," said Rahn quoted from Fox News, Friday (29/06/2018). The doctor initially told him that Rahn needed to lose weight. But Rahn says that he continues to gain weight, no matter what he does. She even gets the question of being pregnant with twins.

In May, Rahn finally got the answer to his mysterious medical condition. This happened after her mother rushed her to the emergency room. Doctors diagnose Rahn has a large cyst in one of his ovaries. Unmitigated, the cyst has a weight of up to 22.6 kilograms. "This is one of the biggest (cysts) I've ever seen and clearly removed," said Dr. Gregory Jones, one of the surgeons who handle Rahn. "We are very pleased this procedure works well for him," he continued. Rahn said he never thought that cysts were at the root of his medical problems. "I keep thinking it's a weight problem," he said.

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