Hell is a Place on Earth

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Disclaimer: I was at a young child's birthday party when I wrote this. There were two other young children's birthday parties going on near by. There was not a minute of the two hours where one child or another wasn't screaming bloody murder. I don't hate children, but the thought of being responsible for another human's life terrifies me. Anyways. Feel free to add to the list. ❤️❤️❤️


Hell is truly a place here on Earth. And I don't mean just one place. There seems to be little places of hell scattered all over the planet. Maybe I'm just writing this in a forlorn mood. But hear me out. The saying goes "there's a special place in hell for a person like you." But no, that isn't quite right. It should be, you bring a special piece of hell with you wherever you go."

Let's delve deeper into this.

The person who eats the last piece of pizza. Oh those bastards. They are laying down some hell everywhere they go.

The jerks who don't use a blinker! They bring hell while simultaneously trying to send you to hell. They don't care if you both die. They're already dead inside.

People who have children's birthday parties outside and let them get everything sticky. And are loud. Obnoxious. You know what people who have kids parties in general. No wait. People who have kids. Yep. They are in one of the worst hells.

And finally. Those fuckers that don't flush public toilets. They're the worst of the worst simply because they don't just put you in hell while you see them. They leave the hell there for you to find and then disappear so you can't even yell at them.


That's a hell of a post! I think I'll go and listen to my favorite Satanic band, Ghost, right now. Thanks and have a nice day! :D