TRUE ALIEN - Undulating Solidity

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Human beings survived our primal infancy by being able to spot predators among the trees. Our brains and bodies evolved to maximize not just our physical abilities, but our emotional ones as well. We are all descended from the caveman who had that sixth sense, the uncanny knack to feel danger lurking around the corner before anyone else did. The winning homo erectus was able to notice that the leaves had been disturbed and the birds had gone silent. So attuned to the way reality should be, he was able to notice the slightest thing out of place.

Now that we have mastered our physical environment, our survival depends on noticing the strange beyond our sight. We must attune our instincts to the deeper realities of the sub-atomic world, to the quantum and the cosmic.

The problem is natural evolution takes a long time, and we have no time to spare. We must kickstart our growth by other means. We can’t wait around for our DNA to catch up with the universe. It’s not a fair fight.

Luckily we have been granted the gift of consciousness. Through sharpening our outward perception, we can thus alter our interior, unconscious mind, and in turn our unconscious mind will guide our genetic advancement.

Forgive me if this sounds like mystical claptrap, but it’s nonetheless true. The universe constantly tests us, prodding us with ever-increasing difficulties: first it was the simple dark and cold, then it was predator cats and wild dogs, then it was the Neanderthals, then the tribe across the river, then the country across the sea, then the microbe in the water and the germ in the air. Then it was technology. Now it is THEY

…and THEM.


Nothing is solid. A rock is as changeable as the water that flows around it. There is space between the molecules, a space as vast as the Milky Way. That is where THEY hide. That is what THEM manipulates.

You must learn to see into these spaces in-between. You must learn to read the sub-text of the physical world.

I will show you how. Some of it is mental training, but we are still limited animals, creatures of tools, and it is best not to deny that aspect of ourselves. Like the spear and the sparking flint stone, devices will help us survive. So, along with mental training, I will teach how to build technology of your own; glasses that see beyond the veil of life, microphones that decipher the language of nature, gloves that can touch the infinite.

But first you must learn to breathe.

Copyright 2017, Daniel Capuzzi

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Gimme them glasses (or maybe just some of the reefer you've been smoking :)

I see you!

I love this so much.