Girl Power!

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I originally wrote this for the @museproject.
Since it's awesome, I publish it again here:

"On Women in Steem"

by @saramiller

Starlight, star bright
First star I see tonight
I wish I may, I wish I might
Grant the wish I wish tonight -- Albert Einstein

Women are deeply rooted in the realms of magic.

We have the power to grow life within our bodies

to plant seeds in hearts

sparks in minds

passion in loins

chocolate chips in cookies

We are the kiss of spring after bitter winter


But we can burn your shit to the ground then turn your ashes to ashes if you cross us. 

We are the sublime paradox

the mystery

allure, beauty, poetry

the flowers of humanity


Steem is blessed to the heavens to have us in their presence.

And if you have been around since the beginning, you understand this is not hyperbole and know how highly they value the feminine mystique...and by feminine mystique, I mean boobs.

Seriously, if not for all these tits, we'd have nothing but another crypto sausage fest. 

And while I know a handful of ladies who are amazing pillars of light and strength, and many more who's attention spans float off into space like the fluttering of butterfly wings in the kind of breeze that whips the sheets on the clothesline of a fabric softener commercial, truly it is us who enrapture the men in our sticky glue trap webs of feminine existence and hold this shit together.

We are the Holy Grail in the attention economy. 

I say we use our powers for good

and like, real deep serious shit


Join me, oh ye sisters of the cryptosphere, for enlightened perspective, elevated consciousness, and global domina--OH MY GOD A PUPPY IN A TEACUP!!!!

...what was I saying?

More importantly, did anyone bring snacks?

💛 Sara!


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OMG~ @saramiller. You are simply hilarious! We have boobs and so much more!!!

It is truly a beautiful piece!!!

Heyy that was hilarious! :) Glass in the air to all the ladies