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oh dear @penauthor your post deals with a very important topic. I think that writing should never be forced, when I have to do something, especially if there are deadlines, I get caught up in performance anxiety and go into paranoia :-)) I very much agree with what you wrote , having a clear goal and the message you want to convey is certainly a great advantage, but when I go to block, even if I have the already structured idea of a story, I don't get the right words, I can't recreate the atmospheres that I have in my mind. it is as if the words were empty and I could not fill them with meaning. can you understand me? is writing a job for you? thank you for sharing and congratulations on your curie rating


Thanks @road2horizon.
Usually, I like to spend a couple of minutes reading the work of an author I admire before starting the day's writing process. Sometimes I don't even get to finish one chapter before ideas start flowing for what I'm about to write.

Another method to avoid writer's block is to stop a sentence midway so you could continue from there when next you want write. I do this all the time and it works for me.

I take on freelance projects from time to time. I rarely run into road blocks because everything is clear from the beginning. The direction I'm headed, goals, inciting incidents and all.

Also, you might want to read writing tips from people who've been in your shoes and succeeded.

Cheers to your success!

yes, you're right, they seem like good strategies! I'll try them when I'm in trouble! thanks for sharing, all the best for you :-))

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