José Manuel Rodriguez Delgado And Physical Control Of The Mind

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“Until you realize how easy it is for your mind to be manipulated, you remain the puppet of someone else's game.”― Evita Ochel

Noah Buscher

Physical Control Of The Bull's Brain

Yale's professor of neurophysiology José Manuel Rodriguez Delgado stopped a fighter bull using a remote control device.

The professor taunts the bull and the bull charges at him. He immediately stepped back a little and then pressed a button on the box in his hands, which sent a radio signal to the electrodes in the living brain of the bull. The radio signal stopped the bull's natural aggression, making the animal turn away from the professor. It was a success.

This risky demonstration took place in Spain, in 1963, attracting worldwide attention.

The critics complained that the professor was opening Pandora's box of mind control. However, on his part, countering the critics, the professor clarified that his techniques could not produce specific thoughts, make subject kill a target, or compel subjects to perform complex tasks and that the experiment wasn't a bad thing, insisting on the contrary that his research is both ethical and desirable.

V2K (Voice To Skull)

Matthew Ball

There are many people in our time complaining about the V2K experiment being run on them, something which may or may not be true.


Want to read a book?

"Physical Control Of The Mind, Towards A Psycho Civilized Society", written by the professor in 1971, will make you want to delve deeper into the subject.


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