“I Made a Plan to Start Doing Stuff (and I Did a Thing!)” by Richard F. Yates

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blah blah blah…

So… I finally made a list of the books that I need to finish!

books to finish - (peg).jpg

AND, I taped it right to the side of my Asteroids machine, which is right next to the kitchen table where I do most of my computing. (I don’t have an office. I have a coffee table and a floor for drawing and painting, and I have a composition notebook with one of my drawings taped to the cover and a laptop on the kitchen table for writing. PROFESSIONAL!!!) Regardless of my D.I.Y. (aka: “Cheap Ass”) production methods, I get a lot done---and I START even more, as you can see from the list of incomplete books I have in the works. (To my credit, I DO HAVE eleven books finished, published, and up for sale on Amazon, RIGHT NOW, which I either wrote myself, contributed to and put together, or which I edited for another author. (By that last one, I mean that I’ve helped my uncle, Randy Long, finish two books of stories---and I’m working on compiling a third for him!) How many books have YOU completed??? Huh? So don’t give me no flack! (My stuff may be goofy and amateur and wack-a-doodle, but it’s DONE! Check out my “Books You Can Buy” page, if this subliminal sales pitch got you interested in seeing just how BAD "bad" is... HA!!!)

Meanwhile, let’s go, quickly, through the list of incomplete books:

  1. Allen Tombes – Fire From Water - This one is a novella that I finished a while ago (I’m embarrassed to say how long ago,) but I’ve been holding out on publishing it until I can find someone to draw a cover for me. I’m really proud of this story, and I think my silly, trash-comic aesthetic wouldn’t make a good cover. It doesn’t fit the mood of the story. (If you want to read the story in digital form, you can HERE! If you want to wait for the paperback, I totally understand. I prefer to read on paper, too…) I’ve really got to stop stalling and just get this damn book done…

  2. Steem Book - This one is mostly written, but I need to rewrite the introduction, now that I’ve been on Steemit quite a bit longer and know what’s going on a bit more. The book is mostly a collection of my first couple dozen posts---words and art. I LOVE Steem, but I also want a hard copy of those stories and pictures, so I can take them off a shelf and show people what I’ve been up to. I really like having PHYSICAL books---even if most of the material in it started on a social media site. PLUS, I can sell copies at my yard sales and any crafty / art fairs that the family does, and maybe help spread Steem to folks in the physical world who might otherwise never have heard about it!!!

  3. Randy’s Further Adventures & Bigfoot - I mentioned a third book that I’m working on for my uncle Randy. That’s this one. His first book was short stories about a bunch of stuff. His second was actually a novella length Bigfoot adventure, which I thought was great (in a bad, drive-in movie, B-feature sort of way. Wonderfully weird,) with some of the stories from the first book---about killer squirrels---and a brand new squirrel tale. THIS book, which will be the third, technically, will be the first Bigfoot story AND a second novella length adventure that Randy wrote, featuring some of the same characters from the first tale. I’m going to call it Bigfoot and Further Adventures, and I'll mention on the cover that it has previously published material in it, but that it also includes the ENTIRE story from Randy's Bigfoot universe, including the never before in paperback "Further Adventures" novella…

  4. Read a Damn Book Volume 1 - If it ain’t obvious, this will be a collection of the first 100 book reviews that I’ve written for the “Read a Damn Book” project. I’m over halfway through the NEXT 100 reviews already, so I better hurry and get this book finished…

  5. R.P.G. Rules for a game I’m calling 3D6 - I started writing a role playing game system a couple of years ago, mostly because I like the idea of telling different TYPES of stories, and I thought it might be fun to tell stories that are more open-ended and let PLAYERS decide how they unfold. (I have a TON of stuff done on this already---and I can’t even remember why I put it on the back burner... It MIGHT have been because I discovered this new social media site that was based on a crypto-currency, and I started spending a lot of time working on that… I don’t recall for certain!)

  6. Heaps of Trash (Already in Progress) - New one that I started sketching out a few days ago. I’ve wanted for years to create an anthology periodical based on the old pulp and horror magazine tropes along with that wonderful Golden Age comics' garishness. Did I really need to start ANOTHER project though??? Yes. Yes I did!

  7. Snake Book – My friend Richard O’Brien and I did a series of cartoons a few years ago in which he would write some horrible, offensive, nasty thing that the character SNAKE would think, and I would draw a little digital cartoon illustrating whatever O’Brien wrote. It was a TON of fun, and I’ve always wanted to collect all of those Snake bits into one book! I just haven’t done it yet… (Soon!!!)

  8. Church of D.I.M. Book – That same friend of mine, Mr. O’Brien, and I, along with a co-conspirator, Josh Erdahl, created a satirical religion a few years ago, and we had our own deities, or own holidays, our own radio show… The whole she-bang. Of course we also had Holy Scriptures that we would all write, (which often contradicted each other in hilarious ways---we loved heretics in the Church of D.I.M., and we would frequently accuse each other of being evil. It was all great fun,) which we intended to compile into a sort of BIBLE for the CoD…but again, I just never got around to DOING it!

So these are the projects that I’ve wanted to complete, some for quite a while, but that I keep pushing back, further and further… BUT NOW I’M GOING TO STOP PROCRASTINATING AND GET THESE THINGS DONE!!! Some of them are even WRITTEN already, they just need to be compiled and edited. And that damn Allen Tombes book is completely done, aside from the cover!!!! (Stupid of me not to just finish it…) But, hopefully, with this big, written reminder RIGHT THERE, next to me whenever I sit down at the table, I’ll buckle down and get these projects FINISHED!!! That’s the plan, anyway…


Artsy Slide Show (to go with the audio podcast I did about a week ago…)

I’ve finally finished the slide show for the video version of my “Primitive Sound System – Exhibit 001!” I used over 400 images for this slide show (all photos, drawings, and digital artwork created by me or my family), and it took FOREVER to curate, compile, and render the damn thing. So long, in fact, that I don’t think I’ll do this type of thing again for a while! I’m happy with the outcome, but DAMN… Who has that kind of time??? Especially with a hundred other projects in the works!

Anyway, here’s the finished product (plus the notes I wrote for the YoooTooob page):

Hey folks! This is an audio podcast that I originally posted on DSound a few days ago (link to a Steem post I made about it below), but instead of just a blank screen, or a logo for 22 minutes, I put together a slide show with over 400 images of artwork, photographs, and silliness created by myself and my family. It's goofy stuff, but I think it's in keeping with the spirit of the audio. That is, it's weird and funny and "artsy."

Here are some links:

1. My Steemit blog: I post daily on Steemit.com, either a drawing or story or book review or video or SOMETHING. Every day. Something new! (This is my primary creative outlet at the moment...)

2. The Primitive Entertainment Workshop: Many of the images used in the slide show for this video (though not all of them) were originally published on my OLD blog: The Primitive Entertainment Workshop. Although this blog is now ENDED, it is still a massive repository of over 7,000 posts: drawings, stories, poems, reviews, rants, and links to a bunch of interesting and entertaining entertainment items. Worth checking out, if you have a few hours to kill!

3. DSound post for "Primitive Sound System - Exhibit 001" The original podcast version of "Exhibit 001" was uploaded to DSound, which is a decentralized audio sharing site based on the Steem blockchain. I'm fascinated by decentralization, and censorship resistant media in general, so I thought I should give that site a try.

4. Steemit post talking about podcasting (and a few other things.) I discuss, a bit, my history with podcasting and making noise, as well as bowling with jellybeans, crypto-art, and some other junk, in the following post:

And that's my audio podcast / slash / art slide show extravaganza! I don't think I'll do another one of these for quite a while---because it was time consuming and frustrating, but THIS ONE is done, at least... And that's something!!! Right?

[P.S. - Some of the artwork in the slide show has "cuss words" in it, so it's not intended for kids. It isn't, like Quentin Tarantino levels of cussing, but still, not Sesame Street, either... I've warned ya!]

blee blah bloooo

Moving right along…more jellybean bowling tonight…and tomorrow is ANOTHER DAY!!!

---Richard F. Yates
(Primitive Thoughtician and Holy Fool)




Hmm, looks like you've got some work ahead of you but a good plan to get it done. I'm a bit of a llist guy as well however I'll be honest...The lists don't always get done. All the best. I sent this to @curangel for a little vote-love. Thanks for your quality work here sir. 😁

Thanks for the share!!! And, yeah... I don't always finish everything on my lists, but they do tend to help me focus! And whatever I don't complete just gets put on the next list! (Ha!)

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Ah yep, there's always the next list...Lol...Seems we are similar in that way. 😂

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