The Bitcoin Transformation

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I never thought I'd live to see the banking system afraid. Up until recently, I've only seen them win.

See, I lived through the effects "trickle down" economics in 1980's NYC and saw only an increase of active crack addicts flood my Bronx neighborhood.

I watched MNC's (Multi-National Corporations) overtake the legislative processes of other countries through manipulative financial schemes that did nothing to benefit the host country.

At the last minute I made the decision to go to college. Coming from a single-parent, minority background did not prepare me for some of the financial decisions that came next, and I acquired debt.

This was very early internet days so in exchange for that debt I was lectured about Superfund, our Congress and its composition, and English Literature.

Dissatisfied with everything I'd encountered up until that point, I enlisted in the military. There I watched people scribble racial epithets on bombs and missiles destined to fall on brown people I had never met though I inhabited the waters around their lands.

I heard every promise made by every politician, convincing us that if we just stay the course we could use our military to make a more democratized and civil world.

All of this has, up until this point, largely failed. Sure we aren't extinct, but if that's the measure upon which we gauge the progress of our species then it isn't much at all.

Why do I mention all this?


Through all of these experiences and more, I feel that in many ways my education didn't really start until I finally hit "Buy" and secured some bitcoin for myself.

One Act to Rule Them All

In that one independent act I started something that has become life-changing. No, I'm not a bitcoin billionaire like a Winklevoss and that's fine because that's not the transformation I'm talking about (though I'm sure through hodling I'll feel like a voss one day;).

Fear, uncertainty, and doubt - we're old acquaintances. I spent all of my pre-adult life with them, learning how to work through these emotional states instead of ignoring or railing against them. You could say I was built to hodl bitcoin.

What the Bitcoin brochure doesn't tell you is that, by buying and hodling bitcoin, you're entering into a new phase of your life where economics, finance, marketing, distribution merge with technology and become topics you regularly peruse.

If Bitcoin is changing the world, it's changing us right alongside it... and for the better, for once.

Happy Monday

This week my blog will focus on the various ways Bitcoin and bitcoins have changed my life in under two years.


For the last couple of months I have been studying HTML and JavaScript. If you knew me my whole life before I joined the Bitcoin network, you'd know that I'd never believe myself capable of doing this. And yet these days I'm doing more than ever in my studies.

What happened? Well, my brain really wants this knowledge now. More than just for the monetary gain these uncommon skillsets bring, I want to be a part of a positive change. Or at least make CryptoPuppies come to life.

The dream is to help develop anything on Bitcoin, and give back in some way to this beautiful, disorganized mess of a phenomenon that's helping to improve the world, bit by bit.

If you don't have bitcoin but you're reading this on the internet, sure I sound crazy.

But over this week I want to share random observations about how Bitcoin has changed my day-to-day, and I hope you join along.

Off to Programmatic Advertising land to work!

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Glad to know that you are doing better and that bitcoin has helped you on your journey.

I came here from reading @ana-maria's article; I left a comment there, and will do the same here.

Bitcoin is not what you think. Far from bringing increased freedom and privacy, it brings, ironically, just the opposite: complete and total control.

There is a much better alternative.

Now, I realize this might read like a promotional post, but I think if you read my stuff, you'll understand I'm not in this for the money, I'm in this because I see the writing on the wall.

Hopefully if more of us understand, things can still be fixed.

If you haven't already, take a look at Khan academy. They have free training on programming.


Thanks @gikitiki I checked them out in my research. There's so much free out there!

Yeah, bitcoin will always go up and a lot of banks will close in the future, of course they are afraid, they lie to people a very long time, that percent that they give per year is nothing especially when there is an inflation. Bitcoin is a financial miracle.


I agree, but I'm less interested in the price and more interested in the tech. It's the greatest onion of all time

Bitcoin starts to get its deserved place, it's still very cheap, it has a small number of users around 2,000,000.
Its value will grow, but more importantly, Bitcoin and other currencies throw paper money out of use, banking systems and the old way of doing business. Exellent post

I'm really curious to hear and see what are you going to say and show in your next article, and very likely the one following after that one, and...

good writing

If Bitcoin is changing the world, it's changing us right alongside it... and for the better, for once.

Very well said. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story. You had so much brilliant insight to share and you worded so many phrases so poetically. Resteemed and upvoted :)