Metaphysical Experience Series (Beyond coincidences): #1 The Dream

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This is a fictional series recounting some ordeals that many people experience at one point in their lives. Are these experiences mere coincidences or have more to them that meets the eyes? Enjoy these brand new series and feel free to share yours in the comment section.


The room was warm and stuffy because all the windows were shut but it smelled of lavender which was the fragrance of the air freshener which she had hung quite close to the air conditioner. Although the a/c was not powered on, the air freshener was doing its job pretty well. Sandra threw her bag on the floor and it landed with a thud and almost immediately, her phone rang inside the bag. “Who is this person that won’t let me rest?” she said as she unzipped the bag and pick up the phone. She sighed, it was Henry, that Igbo boy with a potbelly and a bushy beard that won’t stop singing “baby, I love you” in his thick Igbo accent to her. She had deliberately saved his contact as “Henry potbelly”.

“Hello Mr. Henry, it’s past 8pm and I don’t entertain calls from my business partners after 6pm, I’ll call you tomorrow, bye” she ended the call before he began his usual professing of love and put her phone on the sofa. She had not had lunch and dinner yet and was starving. If she had known working in Lagos was this stressful, she’d have brought Rita along to stay with her, now she had to go make food else she could die in her sleep.
Thirty minutes later, noodles were ready smelling like there was something special in it, hunger really does wonders. It didn’t take long for the plate to be empty as it was barely enough to satisfy her, she had run out of food stuffs but didn’t have time to go shopping. She decided to rest for a bit but then nature called and she responded, she was fast asleep and couldn’t help but snore too.

Sandra would have given anything to sit at the front of the “danfo” (commercial bus in the lagos, Nigeria) beside the driver because it wasn’t only tight where she was squeezed in between one fat man and a chubby school girl. The man reminded her of Henry, as the thought of him reciting his motto came to her head, she shrugged it off. The conductor reeked of alcohol; she could bet with all the money in her bank account that he hadn’t taken his bath for days. Even when he asked for her bus fare, his breath was unbearable, only GOD knows if he didn’t have a dead rat in his stomach.

After the conductor had made his rounds of collecting the fares from each passenger, he closed the door of the bus, brought out a wrapped paper and blew its powdery content in the air, Sandra had no idea what this was but was alarmed, something wasn’t right. She had seen this in a movie where the passengers where kidnapped and killed for rituals. Before she could ascertain if what was happening was akin to that of the movie, she blacked out.

“Get up my friend, u dey craze?” a husky voice shouted aggressively. As she opened her eyes after waking from what appeared to have been a long sleep and unable to make sense of where she was and why she was there at that moment, the harsh voice shouted again at the chubby girl that had sat beside her in the bus. “argh! I’m finished oh…” so she was actually right, she had been kidnapped along with others and would be used for rituals. She looked around, they were in a well lit room, the fat man was also there but there was something different. He wasn’t tied up or sitting on the floor, he was in fact the one giving the orders.
He turned his big round head towards her and gave her a wicked smile like one the “joker” would give batman. He seemed to look like Henry or was it actually him? The question wasn’t going to need answers at this point; all she wanted was to be anywhere else but here. The fat girl who had been taken outside could be heard screaming and begging for help but it didn’t come, one last cry and silence fell outside. The stinking conductor came into the room with a blood-stained uniform; cold shivers ran down my spine. Hot tears streamed down her face as the fat man pointed to her, it was her turn obviously. She wished she could vanish into thin air but it was next to impossible and as the conductor walked slowly towards her, grinning like he just hit jackpot, she began to recite the Lord’s prayer. He was now few inches away from her….

“You made a way, when our backs where against the wall…” Travis Greene sang as her phone rang. As she woke up, she was sweating profusely and panting like one who had run head to head with Usain Bolt. She looked at the clock; it was 11:38pm, thank God it was all a dream. Just then her phone rang out again and as she picked up the phone, she froze in shock. The name of the caller onscreen was “HENRY POTBELLY”.


There you have it. Was it just mere coincidence or not? Many things that happen to us are beyond comprehension sometimes, what's your opinion? feel free to comment, upvote and resteem.


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