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When Tamara woke up from the dream, she knew something was wrong. It had seemed oddly real, like there was someone really chasing her and wanting to get the better of her. Fragile as always, her heart pounded loudly against her chest like it was going to come off any moment.

The silly dreams again. Mama had warned her to always take the 'agbo' before she slept but Tamara didn't like the taste of the herbal. Medicine. It made her tongue bitter and she couldn't imagine having that as the last thing on her tongue before she went to bed.

At least, she could now sleep. When trying troubles had started, she hadn't rested. Neither had her mother. They'd been from. One native doctor to the other. Jones had proffered a lasting solution save for baba Igbundayo.
The Old man had a reputation that went be for him to places. He had cured the incurables and had been rumored to fight an elephant and won, coming out unscathed. Everyone feared and gave him his due reverence, but it was his son, Adams that Tamara reserved her best admiration.
Something about him made her heart to jump whenever she saw him. So, today, even as he pursued her, her heart pounded, not from fear but from joyous excitement.

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