Why am I a bit scarce? Hahaha, here are some reasons!

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This is just a general chatty update, since I have been pretty scarce around here lately! I don't know about you, but it feels as though a pall has settled over the world. Everything feels slow and depressed. Sometimes I succumb to the feeling, but much of the time I keep myself busy with my various enthusiasms and that really helps!

I have to start off with this crazy cat! Or is it us that are crazy??? Both my husband and I have never loved an animal as much as Smokey. She is devoted to us and has a routine for everything! After she was spayed she started gaining weight fast, and sleeping on our shoulders is one of her favourite things to do. This morning I woke up and my arm was completely numb.

On the subject of cats, something really bad happened, and I have been devastated by an awful situation which was my fault!!! I have written before about all the neighbourhood cats that terrorise our four sweet natured cats. In my last (non-lp related!) blog I mentioned the ginger cat who started hanging around our house, and began spraying urine in our house. I attached a note to its collar, explaining the situation to it's owners, but the cat soon returned, with the collar removed.

When cats attack ours, we usually remove them, and drop them in another area far away, near some houses. I felt kind of sorry for the ginger cat as it was not attacking our cats, but rather spraying our house and "shouting" for the other cats at all times of the night. We decided to drop him at the shop, as I have a backyard there, and there are a block of flats next door too. The next morning I went to check on the cat, and feed it if it was still in the area. To my utter horror, he had gotten himself tangled in a roll of razor wire, and was caught by his tail, which was almost stripped of fur and covered in cuts. To make matters worse it had rained all the previous night too.

With great difficulty we cut him out. Two of the pieces of razor wire were still embedded in his tail, which I had to remove with a scissors. I got a big bucket of warm water, added disinfectant and dipped him in it a few times. I left him to sleep in the shop overnight, and in the morning he seemed pretty well, so we took him back home so he could return to his home. We decided we would never drop off a cat anywhere again, but rather at the animal shelter. We didn't want to do this before as the cat could be euthanised, but now I see there are worse dangers than that. I feel so horrible about the situation that I can't even adequately describe it. What happened was my doing.

It is so frustrating. My cats are constantly the victims of attack. They don't roam because they get enough attention at home. They are all neutered and spayed as well. I can't allow them to be physically attacked, or my home to smell like a litter box through spraying, but I hate the situation we have to put the attackers in by removing them.

This incident as well as the fact that my son's stomach ailment has flared up again, and we are currently experiencing a stressfully quiet month at the business has made me seek alternative ways to get through the day,  (hahaha, that sounds bad!) and has not left me feeling chatty at all. Okay, to quickly clarify, getting through the day for me entails new interests (or, ahem, obsessions!). You may have noticed I have gone lp crazy. I have been buying and listing more and more. And when I am not doing that, I am thinking about how to do it more. I even had to flirt for a bunch of lps!!! Then I am listening to them, and that sends me off on another tangent. I spent an entire week listening to Leonard Cohen!!!

I have also decided it's eventually time for me to start growing some of my own food. I have never gardened in my life, but the idea has been kicking around in my head for years. Food prices are skyrocketing, but the real reason I want to start a garden is to learn how to do it, as I am always convinced we are on the brink of some form of societal collapse. Winter is just beginning in South Africa, so I have a couple of months to research, plan, and gather together what I need. Now that I have decided to get started, I feel that familiar obsessive feeling!

I hope everyone is doing well. I wish I could force myself to be more sociable, but sometimes I have to disappear into my own little weird world for a while. I am going to have a LOT more lp posts, because that is what I am into at the moment. 


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Hope you're doing ok. I've been a tad busy with going away and doing the NZ music posts all months, and got so behind with my reading. I just popped over this evening to fling some money at you and found you only had one open post. Hope to see you back soon.


Thank you! I'm also pretty busy and it has been a rough month!

I forgot to ask you : how heavy is Smokey?!
She has grown up a lot! I still remember her as a kitten!
Would like to see her facial expression and mood?!

I like to see my cats’ faces as if I would know what they are thinking insidectheur heads! Food! Food!



She is gaining weight everyday! I will take a few photos for you. She is a very happy cat most of the time.


Could you post some photos of your cats and their names?
These will be such fun to look at!

Thank you!

How are things on your front?
How has the energy level been during the past week?!

Keep positive frequencies! Your rocks and crystals should be very helpful!



Things are very sombre around here, with a lot of negative energy. I have been keeping myself amused by learning new styles of cooking!


The energy here has been pretty low and slow during the weekend.
I am trying to find some easy recipes for making some kind of energy bars, but not very successful!

I have lots of mangoes this year so I should be looking for a recipe for making mango chutney or jam!
What kind of cooking style are you doing? Indian?

It's a good idea to try to occupy oneself with creativity in cooking and sustenance!
I think those cats that came to my house bring with them very good energy.
They behave like human in many ways.

Living in Bangkok without cats is a bit tough!


Keep cheerful and busy!

I have Zen the Old Minpin sleeping on my arm and Yoda the youngster behind my knees. I get up early and they just slide over to Chris.
You get so used to it that I can't sleep without them.


I know the feeling! Sometimes I fetch the cat if she doesn't come herself.


Whaaatt! You fetch the cat!! Poor Smokey!! Cats also have privacy rights!!


We saw the ginger cat after a couple of weeks. The tail has been removed! :0


Oh! At least that cat still survives! Now he will not have to worry about his tail getting caught up in a tangle!! I think he had paid for his bad karma! So, he should be alright from now on. I hope he had learned his lessons.

When I was about ten years old, I had to help a cat by cutting off the elastic band which were tied around one of its legs. But the damage had already been done. Two weeks later I met that cat with rotting leg to the bone and one leg was dangling by a small bone. I decided to use my mother's big scissors to cut the rotting bones off. He was walking around with that piece of bone and rotting bits. He had no pain at all and he let me cut it off so easily.

Come to think of it, I had no idea how I got my ideas and strength to do grown up things at that age! No body would help this poor cat. I could almost knock those kids who put this cat in a very bad situation.

Hope that this ginger cat will not bother your cats again!

Sorry about that ginger cat! It’s probably karmic for that cat too! Whatever inspired him to jump into that wire fence! But he will recover, cats are very resilient!

Good idea about growing your own food as prices are going to sky rocket by the fourth quarter! Bad signs from European financial quarter! People or insiders start to panic this week!

I have to do something with my account very soon.
Just cancelled one credit card! Told my close friend to get a big safe for keeping her remaining cash. Petrol and cooking gas has gone up three days ago here! I did warn my gardener to stock up, but villagers still use charcoal stoves here! They burn their own charcoal from pieces of old woods!

We just harvested our home grown pine apples. We planted about ten shoots last year! Mangoes are now in season here! Our fruits are totally organically grown.

Yep! I felt that heavy energy which dragged about in the atmosphere last week! Very difficult times we are going through emotionally and spiritually!

Buckle up and be prepared for the storm while enjoying all the blessings we have been given too!
Luckily we have cats to take our mind off silly things and live in the present with these cats!



The cats do make me feel better. You have to choose to be happy.


I notice the cats are behaving quite strange lately! But they still seem happy!

I think you blacked kama out but helping him. Great your getting on the food growing I need to build my productivity too 💯🐒


Haha still made sense with the typo I meant balanced 💯🐒

Hi! I hope that ginger cat is alright by now!

We also had a neighbour’s ginger cat coming here last night! My gardener said our next door’s neighbour experienced a cats’ fight the night before. It was horrendous as there is a pool of blood on the tile floor.
It was a fight between a completely black cat and another black and white cat.

The ginger cat came here for food and slept on the roof of the fish pond for safety!

Luckily it didn’t attack my cats.

So the energy wasn’t good for those cats either!

Take care.


Oh no sounds terrible. My cats are very restless. Smokey actually attacked a dog that came into our yard. She just launched herself at it kung fu style and it when running!!! She has not been sleeping on our bed, but seems to be guarding the entrances. Very strange energies.


Wow! Smokey is very protective of your family!!
She is a guardian in disguise!!
She is doing a good job! Amazing cat with a lion heart!!