The Eyes are the Window to Your Soul

in writing •  10 months ago

Are the eyes, the window to your soul?

How deep, how hard, how long, if so,
do I have to stare down the hole, though?

Blood vessels glow, shutter speed - slow.
Goodbye? A good night, with a thud and a blow.

Out cold, yet I know, it must go on - the show
Soar up, I grow, eat a punch, two, many?
Too many back I throw.

Life pages I scroll, through a column and a row,
stabbed by a friend, revived by a foe,
I guess drowning is a must before popping up afloat

How deep, how dark, how far does it go?

There is no end in sight, since a lifetime ago,
pupils burst into ink, smudge yes with a no.

Onyx eyeballs, though my ego's on a tightrope,
vague clues, dark thoughts, and numb innuendos
how frigid, how lone, how black, the end goes?

Locked out of time, space's got me friendzoned
A multiverse of fears, spawned from Big Bang of hopes
How fucking long do I have to stare down the hole, though?


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