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To Filip

A devout need to sprout a seed, lead to a deed
that brought him, indeed. But...he wasn't freed.

Regardless our intentions, heartless hours in tensions
parted us in isolation, it's an insane situation.

Hate brewed whenever it could, plans got skewed,
she grew rude, took him, and ran away for good.

At night these cold, old walls, morph into halls, that hold
sour scold over his soul, which we sold.

Innocent, his smile was, to the irritant that buzzed
among us, anticipant of trust - and not adults that yell & cuss.

Rage took guidance. Turned rubble from diamonds,
romance got silenced, us both mindless, left it for dead, behind us.

I guess we never thought, of the collateral we ought to have fought
to protect in awe, but she couldn't understand a life this raw.

She sentenced us, caught us breathless, fenced in dust,
sensed childless pops must go bust, now I trust repentance is a must...

Either way, a path is broken. Happiness stolen, hope has fallen
a tear a day, in pray is spoken, for a cold vengeance - my redress solemn.

I'm coming...

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