Is getting organized the same as procrastination?

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This status update is brought to you courtesy of whose inquiry made me realize I hadn't been keeping my promises to post about my project.

To get where you want to go, you need to know where you're at

The above statement sums up where I've been on my project this week. As I've mentioned before, I have much of it written but there were holes that needed to be filled.

Initially, I wrote to fill the holes as I came across them. But in that process I found I was doing a lot more editing than I was writing. And there's no denying the parts I've written desperately need editing.

But that isn't what this month was about. I set my intention to finish the project - to get a complete first draft suitable for some serious editing and rewriting. As it is, I can't do that yet because of the holes.

It took most of the week for me to recognize I'd turned on the internal editor and not the writer. My solution to stop doing that was to get my story organized so I could see exactly what parts needed to be written - or expanded.

Enter the Scrivener import process.


If you haven't tried it, and you write a lot (or just like to be organized in what you write), look at Scrivener. I love it and I plan to write a whole post about it so this one won't say too much about it.

But my original draft, such as it was, I wrote in Microsoft Word. I wanted to move it to Scrivener before the month started but didn't get around to it. This week, I finally got around to it (after the aforementioned realization).

Here's a screenshot of the first book in Scrivener.

Scrivener project screen

If you look closely, you'll see the chapter numbers are all messed up. I'll explain what happened in that future post on Scrivener. Just let's say it took some time to sort it all out once I loaded it in.

But if you focus on the labels and colors of the chapters, you'll see I have all but seven of them listed as "First Draft." That means they're written! I have only seven out of the 34 left to write (there are 34, not 16 though my crazy numbering says that).

Forward progress

After all that, I know exactly what it is I have to write. And I've added maybe another 500 words to my word count, coming in somewhere around 2,200. Not much considering I have a goal of 30,000 for the month.

But now I have it organized I don't think I need that many words. You see, I initially envisioned this story as a trilogy. What I've written so far is book 1. I have the remaining two books all blocked out scene by scene, but only about 5000 words or so written (if that really).

Before I laid it all out in Scrivener, I convinced myself it really wouldn't work as a trilogy so I was going to bang the whole thing out this month. That's what I was thinking when I picked my word count. But now I know two things:

  1. I don't need 30,000 words to finish book 1. Maybe 15,000ish at most to complete the first draft.

  2. It's going to take another 50,000 words to finish the story in book 2 - maybe more.

So while I can't say I've made a lot of progress writing, I have made a lot of progress!

Is getting organized the same as procrastination?


Well, not this week.

enter image description here

A sincere thank you to for asking me about my progress. I needed the prodding to post here on Steemit. And I'm excited to see him join Nanowrimo in November (looks around cautiously to see if he's listening... or if he's busy hacking the Steem blockchain to erase all records of our comment conversation).

Seriously, anyone can try and do Nanowrimo. It's intimidating, scary and fraught with self-doubt that's almost immeasurable. And so worth doing!

enter image description here

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yay to success!!! I am totally in organizing mood as well - not just with my writing. And even though it feels like not much gets done, so much more is possible when things are easy to find LOL

I think I will run a Freewrite House/ Daily prompt challenge to use the prompt to do NoNoWriMo. Bruce and I talked a bit about it and I need to think it through this week and start talking about it in the posts.
I have heard so much about Scrivener but am concerned that it is complicated to learn...


There is a lot to learn, but they have a great tutorial. Just set aside 2-3 hours to do it. I usually skip tutorials and figure things out brute force, but spending the time on this one has paid off. And if I forget something the help file is good or there are a gazillion videos for it on Youtube.


Yes - I am the same way. So, when I invest in that - I need to be disciplined and do the tutorials :)

To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

As I see it, yes

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