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   So, you want to know how I did it, find the whale?   

   A task that many tried to carry out, I was told, but very few had succeeded in doing. I wanted to be among those few, so I was determined to find her. 

   The sky was clear and the water was calm. I could even believe that nothing was below the surface... but I knew she was there. About two hundred yards off the port side, we spotted her, jumping up and down. She was extremely beautiful. I was not surprised that the sea was baptized in her name; Whaleshares.... quite creative.   

   Then the men shouted with excitement. The wind was in our favor! The helmsman turned the boat around and the sails were raised. The race had begun. The whale was fast, one of the fastest whales ever documented, and reaching it would not be easy. But our boat was also fast and I had confidence in the crew. We just had to keep our eyes on the target, it would be a matter of time before.   

   All that excitement was before the storm.   

   It whipped us without warning! As if a beast of the sea had devoured us, and within its interior roared thunder and wind blew. The cold water of the storm was soaking through our bones. It had been hours since we lost sight of the whale. Still, those brave men did not lose hope. We fought the storm, you could feel Neptune's strength pulling us back, but he was in the presence of the most stubborn and determined sailors who had crossed his domain. Amidst thunder and waves our voices were heard, giving breath. Every man put his effort into the work that was his due.   

   Then came the morning.   

   The sun's rays drew lines in the sky. To witness something like this after the strong struggle we had was intoxicating, in a good way, warm. We were exhausted, and yet we kept looking over the horizon, looking for her.   

   Imagine our surprise when she emerged in front of us and didn't leave. You should have seen her, it almost felt like... she knew our intentions, and she let us get to her anyway.   

   Call me crazy, but maybe he noticed our effort. I don't know about that. All I know is, we had finally reached the whale.   

   So, the question I asked you at first was wrong. What I'm telling you is not about how I did it, it's about how we did it, us. All together, a bunch of strangers who shared a goal, who came together in the face of adversity.   

   In case you're gonna ask, yeah. Now that crew and I are always sailing. After all, one experience made us a family.   

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