🏆 Winners of the Whaleshares Design challenge! - 📢 New Whaleshares Writing Challenge! - 💰Bigger rewards - Project Milkbox 🥛

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Here are the Whaleshares Design challenge winners!

We have a new contest running and sprinting! - What is it about?

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It's a writing challenge!

What does it consist of?

Write something unique, show your perspective.

To qualify, you simply have to post a writing that can be related to Whaleshares.

What things can you cover?

Here are some options:

  • Poetry
  • Own Song lyrics
  • Articles
  • Stories

You can also attach a photo about the writing to show your perspective of Whaleshares

The writings may be showed by their respective authors in the Hangout corresponding to next Saturday (08/25/18). The authors can also participate in the votes rain and contribute in the election of the winner

Do you have doubts about the subject or focus of your writing?

Contact us at Discord and ask your questions!

These are the steps to follow to participate:

  1. Make a writing that can be related to Whaleshares.
  2. Publish the writing through your account (You can use Steemit, Whaleshares, your personal blog, Busy, Medium, or Facebook)
  3. Include the name of the contest in the title of the publication, next to the title of your writing.
  4. Include #projectmilkbox and #milkboxcontest or #milkboxpoetry in your tags
  5. Send us the link of your post to our channel in Discord (writing channel) and place it in the comments of this post.
  6. Vote and share this post so that other people can participate too.


  • To all participants: 10 MILKs

🥇- 1st place: 250 MILKs + 5 Steem + 100 Beyondbits + 75 Whalestakes
🥈- 2nd place: 200 MILKs + 4 Steem + 50 Beyondbits + 40 Whalestakes
🥉- 3rd place: 150 MILKs + 3 SBD + 25 Beyondbits + 15 Whalestakes


  • If the contest exceeds 40 participants, the prizes will be doubled.
  • If only one person participates, 600 MILKs + 15 Steem + 200 Beyondbits + 150 Whalestakes will automatically be taken by him/her


You will need a Bitshares / OpenLedger account to receive the prize. And a Whaleshares account in order to receive the Whalestakes

The criteria used to choose the winners will be:
Sticking to the provided subject, quality of the design and originality.

The rules:

Rule 1: You must be a member or join our server in Discord
Rule 2: The writing MUST be related to the concept of Whaleshares.
Rule 3: The writing can't have a too low quality or less than 150 words.
Rule 4: You must place your participation in the comments to qualify. Including the address of your wallet in Bitshares and your user in Discord and Whaleshares.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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