Psychedelic Night

in #writing2 years ago

Red dots raced across the evening sky.

“Look “Alfie.” Jasen stared up at red flashing dots of light illuminating a black canvas like an abstract painting come to life.

Chills charged through Jasen’s body, as he sat on a lily pad in the center of Opus Pond looking up at the peculiar sight.

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“It’s the end of the world Alfie. Just like how that old witch told us it would happen.
Remember? She said on the twelfth day of the twelfth month at the beginning of the twelfth millenium red spots would fill the sky like drops of blood.
It must be midnight.
We’re screwed.”

“Oh shut up. You’re nuts. Besides, we’re frogs. What do we know?” Alfie closed his eyes. The earthy smells of the meadow and pond at night drifted up his nostrils.

“Croak, croak...
Go to sleep little brother. Told you not to eat those mushrooms.”

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