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portrait-743550__480.jpgA lot of talents have been killed,dreams lost,careers destroyed, self esteem scrambled due to the fear of not being criticized. You don't want people to say your work was not good enough,you lack the guts to ask questions because of fear for it not to be seen as a stupid question,you don't post online cos of the fear of critics looking down on your write-up as whack and embarrassing etc. Life is not just about possessing talents alone but utilizing them. A lot of great minds,great thinkers and wizards have shattered,talents hidden due to the fear of criticism. Criticism is not always false, negative, vindictive.How do you know you good in what you think if you dont say or act. Criticism gives directive,helps to improve, and point you to an angle that you may not be seeing.
There are different reasons why people are scared of criticism but we will be looking at the major one which is low LOW SELF-ESTEEM. Low self-esteem is the act of lacking confidence in oneself, lacking confidence in your own worth. You don't believe in yourself. You want to date a girl but you are scared she will turn you down, you want to argue but you scared cos you feel you will loose the argument,can't move with friends cos you feel they are better than you,can post online cos you feel they will laugh at your use of English,can't put on some clothes because you feel they will say it doesn't fit you,can't dance cos they will say you don't know how to dance, can't even think cos you feel you might be thinking the wrong thing etc. So many reasons which fall on your lack of self esteem.
Sometimes it pays to be actively stupid, after all not all wise people are rich and not all dumb people are poor. You have to believe in yourself, what you think you posses,your skills of writing, rapping,singing,talking, designing,motivating, etc.You wrote a song and they did not like it, so what. You were asked a question and you gave the wrong answer because of that you don't want to answer questions anymore. You wrote a song they said it whack now you not doing music anymore. You posted online they said it's full of grammatical error and you stopped posting. Truth is, it's not going to affect anybody but you,you are not killing there career but yours cos being afraid of being criticized has the following implications on u;
1.kills your inbuilt talent you a wrong mentality of yourself
3.destroys your sense of adequacy
4.reduces your personal initiatives you fear of failing
You don't have to be afraid of critics cos they don't just criticize but help to channel you to the right direction,they should be seen as a backbone, they should motivate you. As harsh and terrible critics can be, they should be seen as a guide to success.After all, if you are not criticised you have not started working. Critics take you to the top,as soon as you start getting critics believe me you are getting success in your work. People can't always see things the way you do. We are all different,in minds, thinking,work, believe,race,ideas and wisdom. So you don't expect us to do and act the same way.
So am gonna do that thing in my mind,communicate the best way I can, design whatever I can,post that article of mine, write that song of mine and pray to God I get criticized.

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I like this a lot, exactly what I needed to read right now! Thankyou!

I appreciate your love for it @myindigoinsight

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