Photographs & A Few Aphorisms, per se

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Cut roses will sit on your nightstand and soak up water until they cannot stand the man made world you placed them in any longer. They will slowly wilt and eventually sulk and die and if you are keen, they’ll stay perpetually beautiful once placed upside down to dry.


You shouldn’t ask for a loan from a friend if you don’t have the means or integrity to return the genorousity they provided you with. That’s just putting a wedge between the potential to maintain trust in a friendship, and it’s just ill-natured.

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I didn’t know how loud silence could possibly be until I told him I loved him and he looked at me without a reply. Minutes passed, slowly one after the other. I watched my beloved as his eyelids fluttered shut and fell asleep. The silence is still loud when I tell him but now I’ve become accustomed to the pain of loving.


Give yourself the benefit of the doubt to share yourself with another human being. Your body is innately beautiful and your mind brilliant. Let your heart or body touch another soul, that may which create waves of inspiration in you both. With your words you paint vivid pictures and dreams, and your silence can be just as splendidly effective.


You said you wanted to get to know me better. Learn how my thoughts twirl and why my fingers scribble words that my tongue couldn’t fathom to speak. You said you wanted to get to know me for all my faults and triumphs, but you didn’t. Because you never asked.


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a very beautiful word, hopefully you are always happy @mrslauren


Thank you. I dont think anyone can always be happy, but that's okay. That's life, you know? You have your happy moments and you have your sad moments and both are needed to appreciate and understand the other.

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