One Hero Dies. Long Live The New Hero.

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In yesterday's session my character, Verdun Alohomora Vyshaan, perished.

Verdun was not having a good week. In a fight with some intellect devourers, his intelligence was reduced to 4. Lacking the funds to fix his condition he was left a bearly legible idiot that could still swing a sword but not cast spells.

The affliction was slowly improving but in the end, it didn't matter. A large group of skeletons has burst into the chamber the party was sleeping in and Verdun didn't make it.

Since I didn't think to bring my backup character to the game I created a new character on the fly.

I introduced Rosario Salazar, the human arcane trickster.


Salazar was born to a middle-class family of traders in Yhaunn in the land of Sembia.
Wanting to increase the family's influence, his father, António de Oliveira, sent him to work as a courtier in the court of Cormyr.

Being young and charming Salazar did well at court becoming the assistant to the Trade Attaché. The position allowed him to influence some trade deals signed with his family (by proxy). He honed his breaking and entering skills at court, sending his family trade information to help them get ahead. Everyone was pleased.

While at court Salazar fell in love with a beautiful lady in waiting, Maria de Winter. He courted and she found him charming. His lack of a title meant her family would never approve of the marriage.

Salazar concluded that his only logical course was to pursue a noble title somehow.

As can be inferred by his name Salazar had a South American accent. It set him apart from Verdun who had an Elvish (French) accent.

Although we have two weeks before the next session I already started working on my next backup character.

You can never know when a new hero will be called to adventure and glory.


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