Companies employ money and protect consumer rights

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If we look at what happened and what is going on for the money-investing companies, we find
These facts are undeniable. These companies originated, registered and acted according to laws
And government licenses, these companies had certified auditors. Don't you have the right
Consumers - in this case, depositors - have protection and deserve them
Compensation before these two sides? Why didn't it happen? Is it a lack of legislation
Prevailing ?

There are comparable situations in other countries that have already entailed compensation
The government has totally denied responsibility. Even auditors did not film
Any action shall be taken to compensate them

In the United States of America, one of the largest auditing firms in the world has ordered the judiciary to pay $ 70 million in compensation for the case of one company that audited their accounts and failed to pay attention to the weakness of its financial position.

Accounts who actually paid their compensation
Have you heard in one developing country of one case in which the auditors were entitled to compensation? There are similar cases?

For non-auditors of other professionals lawyers who miss
Attend important sessions for their clients or clearly neglect the pursuit of their interests
And as doctors, craftsmen, consulting engineers and others, it is again matched in
USA Trial One of the largest stock brokers houses in
New York because of the disclosure of the secret of customers who were making the purchase of companies to integrate them in
Their companies and benefited from this by buying and selling shares of those companies to his own account and to the account
This was seen as damaging the interests of its customers and those with him.

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