The Fabled Ellipsis Cometh To Steemit In Its Corrected Form ....

in writing •  2 years ago

... to write and read comes by nature. ~Shakespeare

We use an ellipsis ( ... ) in our Steemit writings to indicate and omission within a quotation that we may include within our Steemit musings.

Ellipses consist of three spaced periods ( ... ) with a space between the start of the first period and the last.

During my thirty years of research into the female soul, I have not been able to answer ... the great question ... What does a woman want?

~Sigmund Freud

We are told that talent can create its own opportunities. But ... intense desire creates not only its own opportunities, but its own talents.

~Eric Hoffer

If we come to the end of a sentence (like at the very end of this post) we use a space and fourth period to end the line.

Bye for now ....


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Love this post, must be going ....


Me too ;) ....

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