Good and bad idea

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For a long time without writing, I have lost a bit of the blockchain, but today I felt inspired and decided to write a little, although writing is not the most recognized talent for me! Hahaha

Seeing my surroundings, my acquaintances and those I do not know too, I am convinced that everyone, absolutely everyone, has situations and adversities in their lives, it is more if you are not going through a situation that saddens you, makes you cry or pressures you , then let me know and we will thank God together for this moment that you are living; But returning to adversity, each of us is perhaps stuck in the head in a difficult situation.


The center of everything is not in adversity but in aptitude and attitude, if it is in both! Because it is not only how we feel and behave, is it what we do and what we do not do?

What are you going through something? what causes you to do? bother you and maybe hit someone until you are satiated? get depressed enough to belittle what God does with you every day? Or maybe you thought about running and running away?

I asked myself a while ago and I only received an answer that brought me peace and quiet.

Do you want me to tell you?

Well no, I think if you still do not know the answer to this question then you still have a lot to explore and discover, yes! I will leave you a very small list with some keys so that you can implement this long and perhaps painful path.

  • Good idea

. Always keep calm

Never act in the middle of the storm, have a pause, breathe and start again.

. Always live what corresponds to you to live.

Running away is never the solution as human beings will always be affected by adversities, it is better that you learn to fight with them.

. Assume the consequences of your actions

Each person is responsible for their mistakes, hey !!! there is good news for you; If you make a mistake you already know how to do it differently and how not to fall into the mistake again.

. You must be very attentive

Every adversity or situation in which you find yourself will undoubtedly teach you a lesson, you must be attentive for each experience lived worthwhile.

. Never stop talking to God

Whatever religion you are, God is always with you, pray that He is lighting your way.

  • Bad idea

. Do not make decisions when you feel more pressured, upset or frustrated

when we are upset it is not the best time to make decisions, as I said before, take a break, breathe and start again.

. Don't fight anyone when you feel frustration

Even if you feel that you are alone, even if your discomfort is so strong that you need to let off steam against someone, be still, later that person can be a key piece for a blessing.

. Do not hurt others to achieve what you want

Never desire what others have or achieve, be glad that someone is well in your life and later others will be happy for you.

. Never deny God


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