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RE: Do you NaNo?

in #writing6 years ago

November isn't even here and I'm already exhausted! Well, not from writing or creating, but the stress of real life is horseshit. Ah, to leave this body behind and fly off into space and whatever adventures...with super powers of course! LOL
I've been updating the FL: Elsewhere calendar and keeping track of the engaged people there! Hopefully I don't let them down as a new ML. Anyway, the people have spoken and I'll be working on my dark thriller/suspense/fiction piece, Diary of a Black Widow.
Good luck, all who join! Remember, it's great to WIN, but the goal is to WRITE! :)


So I'll see you around at My working title is "Castling" and I'm having trouble holding back from writing it. So much so that I'm beginning to write some flash stories set in the story's world.

pssst - let's just consider that NaNo prep or... full sentence outlining. LOL
I won't tell if you don't! :D

Yes, that will do.

You're up early!

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