The meaning of the purple color contained in everyday life

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Color purple Showing influence, third sight, spiritual power, hidden knowledge, high aspirations, nobility, ceremony, mystery, enlightenment, telepathy, empathy, arrogance, intuition, deep trust, ambition, magic or magic, self-esteem.

If the color Purple (Violet) becomes your favorite color then you are the type that is really extraordinary. In the face of the future you never hesitate, what you do is the best. You are good at following the times. In lovemaking, only they are strong mentally who can approach and become your lover.

Purple color that we often call the color of the widow turned out to have a very good meaning. Purple is against bad idea. This color is actually considered by the Mangkunegaran best color. Because purple color can prevent us from bad ideas. so basically if we're meeting, or being present wearing purple because purple color can make us put out brilliant ideas, and it could be our project goal and up the position. @master-steem


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