27 Final Thoughts About The 2016 Election - And, What It Takes And Doesn't Take, To Be President

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Interestingly, It's What Doesn't Matter, With The Most Attributes, Since

Having The Most Votes Doesn't Matter
Having The Largest Ground-game, Most Money And Most Ad Spending Doesn't Matter
Being The Most Despised Doesn't Matter
Bragging About Sexual Assault Doesn't Matter
Not Releasing Tax Returns Doesn't Matter
Not Having Military Or Political Experience Doesn't Matter
Being Of The Born Again Religious Right Doesn't Matter
Using Billion Dollar Tax Breaks Doesn't Matter
Encouraging Assaults On Dissenters Doesn't Matter
Spewing Conspiracy Theories Doesn't Matter

Suggestions About Penalties For Abortion Seeking Women Doesn't Matter
Suggestions About Genital Size Doesn't Matter

Suggestions About Banning Or Intimidating Members Of A Religion Doesn't Matter

Representing And Speaking Of A United Diverse Country Doesn't Matter
Representing And Speaking For Women Advancement Doesn't Matter
Representing Political Experience Doesn't Matter


Closed System Old Guard Super Delegate Political Cronyism - Does Matter

Representing The Same Old Same Old - Does Matter
Getting Rich From The Politically Connected - Does Matter
Tiredness Of Family Brand Name Politics - Does Matter

No Plan And Not Even Acknowledging America's Living Standard Decline - Does Matter
Calling Half Of The America You Wish To Represent Despicable - Does Matter

Suggesting Continually That America Is Full Of Racists - Does Matter
Voting For Unpopular Wars - Does Matter

And, Finally, When You Combine All Of The Above, With Our Mainstream Media That Follows The Rules Of The Two Major Political Machines - You Get

The Ignoring Of National Polls Wanting Inclusion Of Third Parties In Debates

The Ignoring Of Third Party Candidates And Their Positioned Ideas

And, Lastly - The Unsettling Conclusion

By Ignoring The Will Of The Populace For More Candidates And More Ideas - We All Got - The Willful SUPPRESSION Of The Vote

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Very well done!!! I voted for a third party candidate in 1980, John Anderson. He told the truth and I found that very refreshing...he got 1% of the vote!


Thanks...I voted for the Libertarian candidate in 1980 and this year.


That was John...and I was wrong, he got 6.6% of the vote. I really liked what he had to say, he made a lot of sense. But he didn't promise free shit so he lost...that's what you get for having principles!


I liked Anderson...but when he had 25% in the polls the MSM decided to ditch him. The fact that they never sought his voice EVER for any other independent runs is an example of a closed system IMO.


When he had 25% in the polls, he was a direct threat to the status quo...he had to be silenced or marginalized.