Need For A Purpose (Short story)

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Words, art, science or any manner of communication was never enough to express the feelings or thoughts of any single human being. Even after great scientific achievements like intergalactic travels, the power to rule over memories, genetic mutations to improve human body and extend lifetime or programmable matter to create anything from a handful of material, people still have failed to understand each other. These miscommunications resulted in wars, struggles, delays, corruption, health problems, etc...

Problem was apparent. Since every single being, every group or any and each part of the total conglomerate had specific needs, there was enough amount of opportunities to cause a conflict of needs. If anyone has been given the possibility to look at the bigger picture, what was happening is like hysterical shiverings of an infected zombie body. Mindless but alive for a basic need. Since from the ancient ages where life only existed on earth, the amplitude of this shiverings became devastating. Before, people would kill each other in groups, but now they started to blow up planets with billions of residents in it. Judgment was clear: The source of the evil was our needs!

After numerous conferences, meetings, prototypes, simulations The Stellar Organization Of Human Needs, published the guideline for the solution. The Organization waited 100 years for proposals. One of the solutions was shining among all the others. It was about to create a brain-net where all the humans are connected to this network. With instant and flawless empathy, people were expected to be wiser.

The communications were being carried out by means of interbrain connections. If any human wanted to "talk" with another human, he or she would simply initialize a neural addressing procedure. As soon as the handshake is verified, then any thought or feeling could be transferred. The details took almost 50 years to develop but there it was. The implant inside the brain was sending only the quantities of different components inside the brain, like hormone levels at different lobe sectors, brainwave patterns, electrical activity levels, etc.

On the receiving side, the same implant this time would convert all this data and simulate the same biologic environment for the host brain. Then the receiving brain would feel or think the same with the sender. The implant was also responsible to start, synchronize and terminate the transmission in order for the receiver to go back to real life. If it fails then the receiver could go through a psychological shock because of identity confusion.

This implant once installed, takes around 5 years to fully cover the whole brain. So people had to take a surgical operation when they are born. Like the roots of the tree, the implant needs to grow inside the brain. It was another milestone of developing brain-net. For this technology to work, we had to live with a symbiotic life form emerged from silicon instead of carbon. For several years scientists worked hard to transfer consciousness to a computer or electronic circuitry, in order to bring the possibility of silicon-based existence. But some creative minds of the community proposed an alternative way. Instead of uploading the mind for eternal life, they wanted to upgrade the mind to reach another kind of species.

On demand, the system was able to create a virtual idea-pool to connect more people with the perfect simultaneous transmission. The idea of brain-net was widely accepted and so loved that once people initiate a connection, they started to keep the communication longer and longer. Apart from spending very long periods of time bonded together, people also started to create idea-pools with more and more participants. They felt safer because every single participant knew what the others were thinking. Privacy didn't matter much at these times. Being safe was preferable after devastating wars between human worlds.

One more unexpected but interesting outcome was observed among the people. Without exception, all idea-pool groups started to do things together! Every mind focused on different sub-part but at the same time knows the whole picture of whatever they are building. It was amazing to see how the human race was evolving to be something bigger than the sum of all individuals together. Since the time and space was no more a boundary, all humanity started to live like one life form, one being. If anything is needed by any single entity, "The One" would take care of it. Like an immune system trying to heal a body constantly.

As the bonds became stronger, in the end, people didn't need anything. The idea of being an individual vanished. Humanity created and became its own god. This god was the very fabric of their resourceful bonds. Since all problems are taken care of instantly, the mighty being was already at perfection. In the end, no purpose left for "The One" to exist. This great collective mind failed to solve its basic need, which was having a purpose to be alive.

But the memory was intact. It remembered how life was evolving and real when all humanity was in bits and pieces. Minds were separated but purposeful. And purposes came from the needs. How would it be for The One, if a subpopulation is left unbonded and separated again, to serve and guide them? It is thought to fulfill the need for having a purpose.

The needs once were so condemned, are now respected more than anything. And "The One" started to create subpopulations as existed in ancient ages. From zero. They had to advance with all the needs they have, using any manner of communication they can develop.

And the game of creation started. Followed by different gods emerging, by groups once was just a subpopulation.



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