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RE: The Depressing State of US Infrastructure

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The state of infrastructure in many states is detestable, I agree. What bothers me about the push to fund new infrastructure and repairs (apart from what you already mentioned) is that much of that investment might be better spent (by the private sector, pre-tax) on developing the kinds of technologies that lessen our dependence on roads and bridges. If the government would legalize commercial drone use...imagine how much traffic that would free up.

And I want my flying car, dammit.


Good point. We rely on government to take care of our roads... we need to come up with better more decentralized ways to transport ourselves and cargo around. I'm not sure exactly how that would look. It might just mean returning care of roads to local groups instead of relying on distribution of taxes. Maybe there isn't a good solution.

I agree with you. Commercial drones would be an interesting concept to explore.

They need to do both. We need to invest in maintaining what works UNTIL we have a definite replacement. To invest in future tech while ignoring the current situation is a big gamble, and may not be a wise course. I believe the wise course is to invest in both.

exactly. can't beat free market to get things done right. free market caters to the people, government caters its friends.

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