Today Marks my 559th Daily Journal Entry in a Row.

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“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.” ― Anaïs Nin

Today marks my 559 consecutive daily journal entry. I began on January 1st, 2016, writing a one page entry about my life. I have not missed a day since. I love daily challenges and I wanted to start the new year with something I felt like I could do every day. There has only been one time where I almost forgot, but I completed the entry just before midnight.

I fell in love with the writing of Anais Nin, who was an avid journaler. I’ve alway written down my thoughts for as long as I can remember but I never made a full year long commitment to it until last year. I began by writing digitally with a word processor in the cloud. The idea was that I would paste all of my entries into a Moleskin Notebook. I discovered after the year was over what a monotonous process that was. I wanted to paste pictures from the things I did, and mementos like ticket stubs. I did make it until about May. Someday I will print out each entry and paste it in, someday.

“We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.” ― Anaïs Nin

Why did I choose day 559 to write about my daily exercise? Today I begin a new Moleskin Notebook. There are only 192 pages and today is day 193 of 2017. Journaling has filled my life with memories and self discovery. It also comes in handy when the wife asks about something in the past and I always have proof of date. I don’t write about deeply personal issues. If someone found my journal they would not learn any deep dark secrets about me. I keep my writing as positive and motivating as possible. It keeps me accountable, that doesn’t mean I don’t fall into ruts sometimes though. Right now I need to get back in shape. I lost almost 30 pounds at the beginning of the year and gained it all back, so the journal didn’t help there, but I’m back on track!

I feel like this is something I will really appreciate in my golden years , if I'm lucky enough to reach them. It is something that maybe my kids, who are aware of my writing will someday read and understand who I was when they were growing up. Why our family made the decisions we made and my true thoughts about my love for them. When my wife was pregnant I gave her a gift, that is intended for my son someday. I wrote a daily journal about my thoughts the entire time she was expecting with my son. When she had the baby, I gave it to her as a gift telling her that one day we will give it to my son when the time is right. He is 12 now, so in a few years, I think he will be ready. 18th birthday maybe?

“My ideas usually come not at my desk writing but in the midst of living.” ” ― Anaïs Nin

One of my goals with daily journaling is to live a life worth writing about each day. I try to go on as many little adventures as possible. Our lives today expand beyond the world Anais Nin wrote about. Not all adventures take place outside the door of my home. Virtual journeys can be very rewarding. I've written in my journal a lot about Steemit the last few days. I actually think my new friends I'm making will help me with the creative side of writing. I dream that one day I can write like Nin. She was an amazing writer at the age of 13. I'm 40 and nowhere close to her ability.

I consider today a fresh start with a brand new journal. The next big life event coming soon for me and my family is selling our house so that we can buy one with a little more room, closer to the school district where my children attend. I have a feeling moving will be bittersweet event as we have raised a family in this house. Journaling will help me reflect and express all my thoughts as the process unfolds

Hopefully, this is something I can continue for many years to come. Anyone can do this. Set aside a time each day. It take me about 20 minutes to write one entry. The reward is well worth the time spent.

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That's some dedication! I'll probably start slow like once a week :)

The biggest issue now is if I don't write in the morning I think about it all day until I get a chance to write. It's a part of my life now. Good habits can be just as tough to snap as bad ones.

Excellent article! I'm very impressed with the dedication to writing everyday. I think when your son get the journal you wrote it will be something he can reflect on, especially when he's older. Thank you for the post!

Thank you for reading!

Wow that is what you call true consistency! That is powerful!

It's become such an important part of my life now.

What a helpful and attainable goal. Way to keep at it!

That is quite the achievement. My writing prior to this last month has been very sporadic, which was like me pushing my creativity away. This last month I have written every day. Nowhere near 559 days. And I would imagine the payoff for you would be huge. Some of which I know you mentioned in the post, especially with regards your family, and your ability to eventually share more of yourself with them.

This was a great post, and I enjoy your writing style here. Very readable.

Thank you! I feel setting up daily challenges like this have been so key in my development as a creator. It has helped me with my career and my personal goals. I'm planning on my next challenge now, all while still writing everyday.

Good to hear. Pushing yourself and watching what unfolds as a result is quite exhilarating in one sense. And it is certainly beneficial for your creativity. All the best with your endeavours.